Asking Dubliners!

Are there any stores in Dublin that sell toys and the whole shabang?

(except for Ann Summers)


Miss Fantasia on South William Street is where you're looking for, they've a much better selection. Prices can be a bit strange, but it's probably the best place around.

Definitely Miss Fantasia, looks incredibly seedy from outside, but is decent enough. I know there used to be a bushel of generic sex shops along Capel Street, although not sure how many have survived the attempts to classy-up the area, and there's none I'd particularly recommend, they're mostly the top-shelf-porn-and-some-plastic-crap kind of places.

Basic Instincts in Temple Bar. bit pricy and on the fetish side of things...

It depends on what your looking for but to be honest nothing beats love honey or the on line stores. I am guessing that maybe you live with others and want to pick the toys up so others in your house dont see them,

I can recommend Miss Fantasia's and Basic Instinct as they are both very helpful and understanding with questions etc.

If you are looking for specific things that they may not stock (in my case, pony play items) if you ask in Miss Fantasia's they always can point you in the right direction or know another shop you can try.

Hope this helps :)