Ass licking

Meeee! :raising_hand_man:t2:

Never had it done to me and no desire for it. But how I love doing it to her!! Having my lips against her asshole or my tongue just licking and licking her asshole is so hot. She’s not the biggest fan of it but she lets me do it because she knows I like it so much.

Years ago I would have said no way. Now not enough.

I do love being rimmed by my wife. Especially love when she’s tied down and I can sit on her face - alternating between penis, balls, or asshole on/in her mouth.

I’ve rimmed her once - didn’t do much for her at the time, but no trouble for me as she was clean. That was several years ago though, and she’s since come around to truly loving anal as part of our repertoire, so may be time to revisit the next time I’m getting her ass ready for me.

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As part of humiliation play I often get spanked and then told to lick my wife’s bum - I just love it - she loves it too - win win

Feels SO good my wife will do it to be occasionally but shes not a fan of receiving

Love giving and receiving rimming. A nice sensitive area drives me wild

Licking is an absolute must before I finger her or put my penis in her butt.