at last...

im glad to hear that i am not alone in my anal obsession...although relatively new to arse play (1 year)i do admit that while alone i may have sliped the vibe in the wrong hole once or twice over the years!!!
but since i boldly asked my fella to stretch me wide i seem to have become the point that sex just isnt as good unless i have something rammed in my arse just glad to hear im not the only one and my quest for bigger an bigger is not as extreme as i feared...

"sliped the vibe in the wrong hole " -- isn't that what guys normally say...? ;-)

How big is "big" for you? Some of of the dildos on sale now are positively priapic -- they absolutely dwark most men.

And if the average guy is 5.5 to 7 inches, doesn't that mean a 'normal' man is no more use to you!?

I'm a little over 7 inches and some women think 8 inches is average. They have only either had big men or don't know how big an inch is. Us guys just can't seem to win. I had two free Vibrators, one was a rabbit I think that was 5 1/2" penetratable and this huge 9" one which was incredibly thick as well.

the average UK penis is noted as 5->5.5 inches. 8 inch tends to be the ideal, though to be honest if the guy has no talent with it then it doesn't matter if he puts a pony to shame. Saying that, when it's the size of a pinky finger you aint gonna get much fun from it no matter what from my experience.

it doesn't matter what size it is, it is what he can do with it that matters the most in my experience

Hi missy- I share your obsession with being stretched open. Til I get up the courage to tell my wife, I have to do it myself, though...

Tell us more, it's a huge (literally) turn-on!

I take it she doesnt know about the presence of Mr Rambone then Open mouth?! No one knows about my Mr Rambone either so dont worry! Ditto to the sharing of your obession Missy. Although you did post in March :( Are you there... ?

Your not the only one sweetie! >.<
I recently got a John Holmes realistic...what can I say..just wow!
I'm kinda torn between two toys I want now.
Either the DJ Dick Rambone Cock or the DJ Bam Black Realistic Cock.

Ann Summers do a kit that you take a cast of a cock and then it is converted into a vibrator. Just think, find the perfect fitting dick and its your forever. I am buying one to have hubbys moulded! Then I have him around 24 hours he he !

Who are you cloning then Happycamper, and could it be done in a pub loo !!