Babydoll and chemise - small and small breasted

I think the title pretty much sums this up. Hi, I'm nearly twenty years old and have the curves of a stickman. My breasts tend to fit between 32B and 34A (GB) and until I find a reasonably priced padded/push-up bra in my size they're not getting any bigger. Incidentally, if anyone has advice about whether padded bras or push-ups are better, that would also be helpful.

I've been looking over the Lovehoney chemises and babydolls for a while and decided that I'm going to get one, I'm just not sure what to do. There seem to be two types, those that make the breasts distinctive (e.g: and those that don't (e.g.: The former has a lot more options, but I really don't think my bodytype is suited to that and am worried there will either be gaps between my breasts and the fabric, or it will simply be loose and unflattering at the bust area. The latter type seems to sort of hide the bust more, so while it won't be so noticeable that I'm a little lacking, it isn't exactly going to make me look any less flat. All in all, I'm not sure which type to go for - or heck, something else entirely! - and could use some advice.

Hello there! I'm a 32B and found that the first one would just continually try to slip over my boobs because I didn't fill it out properly. Needless to say I didn't exactly look great in it. I don't recommend it and think you should look at other options. Most things fit me but not that one :)

Hi Mel334,

In relation to the push-up/padded dilemma, I would say that push-up is better. Although padded cups can sometimes mean that there's extra padding, it usually just means that the cups are firmer than triangle bras or soft cup bras, and what can happen when you've got a smaller bust is that you end up with a gap at the top between where the cups and your chest sit. Obviously, the better-fitting your bra is, the less likely this is to happen, but sometimes it can just be down to the style or shape of the cup. 

Push-up bras help to distribute the breast tissue more evenly throughout the cup, lessening the chance of the gap forming. 

In terms of chemises and babydolls, if you want to make your bust look a little fuller, I'd suggest going for something with a little more structure in the cups (such as this one Because you've got the partial padding and the underwiring, you'll get a boost, but the soft lace overlay is more likely to sit flush against your skin than a full padded cup - plus, the racer back acts like a halterneck, pulling your breasts up and together for a deeper cleavage.

Of course, it's really down to what makes you feel sexiest, so don't be afraid to try a few styles and find out what works for you - after all, you can always return them :)

I'm small boobed as well, and I must admit babydolls and chemises aren't something I've had a lot of luck with. That said I have found loads of other super sexy options on Lovehoney. Have you considered something like this I know it's not technically a babydoll or chemise, but it is really flattering, as are a lot of the other mini dresses from lovehoney.

Hope you find something that you love soon :)

I too have a small chest, so I completely know where you are coming from.

I have found that my favourite babydoll is the Lovehoney Love Me Lace Babydoll: It has a halterneck which I find super flattering on me and it gives the girls a bit of a boost!

I am not big boobed lately I've been wearing my maximise assets bra which is a push up and then corset or teddy over the top (same colour) , it looks a lot hotter and I'm more confident which then is so much more sexier he loves it as I'm more confident give it a try x

Lacy half cup bras or brassieres maybe? Those are lovely and brassieres then to fit small-chested women! :)