Back door training

So anyone that has seen my other thread knows I’m practicing with dildos on myself to get my backside to where my girl can go to town when I surprise her by not only letting her peg me but also supplying everything she needs to do so. For over a week I’ve been using a silicone dildo with 5" of insertible length with no issue…in fact was easy enough and almost enjoyable the first time I tried it. Anyway what I thought was the next size up dildo ended up being significantly bigger. Like almost 9" of insertible length (which I expected) and a lot thicker (which I did not expect lol). Really had to work to get it started. And was only able to consume about 7" of it. Did not use my other smaller one at all tonight. I’m curious if maybe i should go to town with the smaller one first before the bigger one every night? Thinking that may relax things back there a bit. I know I really should order an in between size but it’ll be at least a week before I can.

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It’s surprising how much difference an inch or two can make but if you can get 7" in there then you’re pretty close. If I were you I would just keep working with the larger one taking it slowly with plenty of lube. It sounds like you’re being very sensible with your preparation for pegging and I hope you have a great time when it finally happens.

Just a word of warning. It’s addictive. Once you start you will love it and want it constantly.

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It’s been a good thread and I’m glad you’ve found support. It’s a good bunch here.

A word ot caution, in your posts you mention ‘going to town’ which implies a vigorous thrusting / pounding.

There’s a difference between playing solo and being the receiver with someone else in control. Particularly as the giver wont have that immediate physical feedback when they penetrate you. It will also be a learning curve for them as the motion may be different to what they’re used to.

If you haven’t already heard of her, Ruby Ryder has an excellent site and podcast on pegging with some good tips and insights for both givers and receivers that you might find helpful.

Slow and steady wins the race, it can take years to progress in size but you will get there eventually yes once used to it your bum can take quite some abuse but also requires time off your partner might be better using her hand/fingers rather than a toy as she can feel ratger than with a toy tgat has little connection, my wifes whole hand was up my bum last night

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Yes I’d definitely warm up before sizing up and ideally an in between size would be good too when you can afford it :nerd_face:

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I have been getting my husband to accept a dildo for years and I’m surprised you were able to take the 5 inch easily - however move up slowly - taking the length is easier than the girth

My husband can easily take the 8 inch I like to use - but the big boy (I call it my bully boy) is a lot wider and this takes a lot of lube and time until it’s fully in - and it’s not as fun for him as can be painful if I push too hard

I would recommend a nice long dildo but slowly work on girth - it takes years :lovehoney_heart:

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I actually just added two in between sizes to my cart. One 6.6" insertible length with 1.5" width and one 7.4" insertible length with a 1.6" width. I know I can take the 6.6" one without trouble and should be able to take the 7.4" without too much effort

I think it’s wonderful that you are working to open yourself up for anal fun with your girlfriend- but I think you now need to discuss this with her and look for the ideal strap on kit for her to use and wear

There is a wonderful selection on Lovehoney and some kits are better than others - personally I like the Lovehoney strap on pants as these are both comfortable and easy to put the dildo in - takes literally 10 seconds to put on and insert the dildo and you are good to go - see links below

As a second point - I now only use lifelike dildos that look like a real man’s penis - I find this a turn on for me but when I first started pegging I thought it wrong as possible degrading for my husband- but he has no issue and so you need to discuss this with her and of course colour of the dildo

Enjoy yourself and I’m sure she will love it too as well


Those briefs look awesome, shame they only go up to size 12.

From what I’ve seen she likes the more strappy style harness. She’s big into bondage (with her as the sub) so I imagine it’s the look that appeals to her

And I’ve caught on I prefer lifelike shape dildos. Lifelike colors kinda gross me out but a clear or transparent non natural one that is detailed like a real one appeals to me. Both of the ones I have actually look quite similar to my real package aside from proportions and coloring lol. And at this point anything going in there will be my choosing lol. Later on if we get into it I’ll let her buy stuff to put in there lol

When we first started pegging I used the harness and it was my husband who would help be get it on - there is something so powerful when I stood there and he did the straps up tight - as time went on I got him to suck the dildo before using it on his ass

You have a lot of fun to come and I recommend shopping for a harness together

Not sure if it’s your thing - but when pegging him - he dresses up in lingerie or outfits such as his maid costume or schoolgirl or sexy secretary so we role reverse and this is just wonderful as we play and talk before and then we set the scene- always ends in pegging deep and often spankings :lovehoney_heart:

Never tried clear !!

Yeah I intend to be dressed neck down in drag… actually dress like I get her to dress for me on occasion… likely a bustier and thigh highs for sure.


Update on the dildo panties I ordered. Dildo on them ended up being near identical in length to my smaller dildo but with a tiny bit more girth. And they fit almost like a thong. Pleasant unexpected bonus is it vibrates. So I’m thinking tonight instead of just bringing both of my dildos into the bathroom to go back and forth between I’m going to wear the dildo panties a couple hours on high vibrate. Figure that should loosen things up back there. May not get anymore length in but may make it easier to start the big one in

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Ok yeah I’m going to have to practice with next size up from my smaller dildo before going to the giant one I just got. Even after keeping the vibrating dildo panties on two hours I had to struggle with the big one. And now there’s a bit of soreness. Switched back to the small one just to keep training a bit. On the upside I was finally able to get a proper orgasm with the small one in for the first time

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As a lover of me receiving anal play , many suggestions are spot on . However no one has mentioned preparations for anal fun . If your first time being pegged gets messy , that may be the last time . I have been enjoying anal fun for some time now and tried anal douching several times . My results were not all that good . I found that my body alerted me to when I was ready to receive . After a good bowel movement meant I would be pretty clean and more importantly could ride my big 9" that is quite thick . I learned early on that warming up with a smaller tee plug first and then moving to a slender 6" to get lube further inside made it much easier and enjoyable to take the big life like dildo . One of my favorites is a cock shaped , but smooth 6" that has multi colored stripes . It is a nice visual for the pegged and also shows up nicely on video , watching the color rings disappear . I do love wearing stockings with or without a garter . Hope everything goes great for you and your girl . I became quite a lover of pegging and being submissive .

Finally got the next size up from my smaller one and luckily I found that the line of rubber winkies I’m using has two more in between sizes between my small one and my big one. So I might actually get to where I can comfortably take the big one. I did find it humorous tonight walking to the bathroom with a pocket full of penises lol

My advice would be to concentrate on the fun rather than the numbers. I have, and enjoy, “intermediate” sizes, but also love using something a little smaller without going for the max every time. I’ve no plans at the moment for anything bigger, but if I fancy doing that later, it will be for the sensations rather than personal record setting. For me, it’s a meander to Paradise, not a mountain to scale!

Totally agree.

When I started using plugs I was obsessed with going bigger and bigger (and I sometimes I still need to be really stretched and full) but nowadays I tend to use a slightly smaller plug or didlo and concentrate on the pleasure rather than the ‘pain’.