Back on horse so to speek lol

Hi, advise need. I/ we used to have a very healthy sex like but two kids later body not as it was inside and out, I find it very hard for my partner to see me naked let alone touch me. But I'm getting to grips with it all and trying to get back on the horse. Still being on the larger side I find it hard to find latex cloths to fit. Help please

Hi welcome to LH, not much in the way of advice but someone here will have some info I'm sure. All I can say is that if your partner likes you the way you are trust them and relaxing will come sooner or later.
My OH likes being blindfolded as part of our play, partly because she says, in her mind she can be pretty much what she likes.

HI Debs, i know how you feel, im not confident in my own skin either but my current partner makes me feel so sexy that it makes it easier to get naked! When i see that look of hunger and passion in his eyes the last thing im thinking about is how fat my arse is lol!