Bag colouring Lelo toys?

I just took out my Lelo Mona from the black bag after some time not using it and I found that it has purple-black colour where the white plastic and buttons are. I managed to wash it off from the white plastic, but not completely, but the white buttons are now purple-black and I doubt this will go away.

I admit I was in state of shock. I am wondering if the bag was bad or anyone else has the same experience with the new black Lelo bags? All of the other toys I have in these are colour so i cannot be sure if it is affecting them or not.

I had this experience with one of my glassvibration bags, which I grabbed quickly to store my Keys Comet in. It took a good few washes before it went from the silicone, but it did go. I can't really say anything about the Mona, sorry.

Its ok. I am just surprised that a bag provided by Lelo would do this. I assume its still safe to use, if I do several washes, even from the silicone part, right? I will do a good wash with the other toys too.

I believe it should mostly be ok =) Just wash it in warm water a few times and rub with a damp cloth.

Hello Jasmine,

maybe its a bad luck then, as I realize my Luna beads have the black bag too, and their case is white silicone and they are fine, so could be a bad luck with bag?

What I do with my toys when cleaning, I wash them, then use towel to dry them and then let them air dry to make sure that they go to bags or boxes completely dry. So yes, it was dry.

I cannot see any colouring at all on the silicone actually so I think its going to be fine, especially if I give it a very good wash. The buttons are coloured, but that part is not being used. So it should not influence anything.