What does everyone think of ball stretching? I'm trying to get my partner to help with it using clamps and weight but no ides what is the best type!

hi do you know that some africans stretch there willies, til they are down to their knees however the downside is that to get it erect they have to tie an elastic band round the shaft to stop the blood flow and to therefore get it errect so i wouldnt advise it therwise only half ou willy will be erect and it will look like a gonzo (the muppet) nose and it will be very painfulto get a bone on

thaqnks for that I wasnt thinking of doing thAt but ball stretching cabn be very stimulating but how and what do I use

search BDSM sites for suitable ball stretchers, there are a few different types - one of the simplest is a parachute style made of leather - you can hang weights from the bottom of it.

I can't recommend a shop as you appear to live in Spain and I only know UK ones - but there should be many online stores and also there are plenty of experienced ball stretchers on forum. It's not my specialism you see but I'm sure somebody there can recommend a place to buy and what type, maybe even non commercial equivelants?

Hope this helps :-)

Hi Chaiq1,
You may want to try the stainless steel behemoths at Sin Central, based in the UK in Brighton. The only word of warning, try to measure the thickness of your sack where it joins the body pretty accurately, otherwise you may end up as l did in trying to stuff a pint into a half pint pot, metaphorically speaking. You will know what l mean when you view the ball weights. They are pretty heavy if you go for the larger items!! but worth the perseverance. Let us know how it goes wont you !!!
Cheers tallboy.

lol point taken i just thought id let you know lol

hi tall boy thanks but what isd full site address of sin central tried all variations cant find it

Hi must be the search engine or something comes up on my computer, try again !!

thank it does now

How do I get my woman to help me with it

is any one with my hubby on this... i let him read the question posed and he winced and im sure i saw a tear in his eye lol........ isnt streaching youyr balls dangerous?

sorry can,t help you with , if a had any suggest to give i don,t think you would have any balls left,good luck anyway

Isnt sex with a stranger dangerous these days ?

well i suppose so,but to be honest,from what i,ve read ,i,m not so sure,i wouldn,t even take a gamble on which one i would choose,as long as your happy and your bit and pieces stay intact,good luck,MAY YOUR BALLS STAY WITH YOU!

I would think that that would be very painful, wouldn't it?

babygi isnt having ababy painful but 1000's do it

Can l add that stretching your balls doesn't necessarily mean exactly that !! Picture for a mo those African tribes that insert plates in their lower lips, ear lobes, or even rings around necks. Here they generally stretch the skin which is quite disposed to having that done, albeit lovingly and with time. The notion of stretching ones gonads therefore isn't quite what it seems, and involves stretching the ball bag skin to enable it, amongst other things, to clatter away against your clit whilst being fucked from behind.... hold that thought. The notion of stretching balls l think might make even the Japs wince !! Hope this helps folks ....

just like 2 add>>after visiting a site ,reading about a women having nettles up her Arse,& having them rubbed over hers tits ETC>>> i think ,i would take my chance & do some ball stretching.

Lol Tracey, I saw that figging site! Ball stretching sounds painful.. Lol.. But if I was a guy I'd rather have my balls stretched.. Nettles must hurt for ages after :o

my othere half has just got in to nipple clamping extreem !!!as quite drunk he hung 4 full cans of a populare lager off them they are only little things! so if he reeds this he may go for a 24 pack off his balls!arr the thought of it not sexy, and i just crost my legs at the thort and ive got 2 kids