Ball stretchers

My first-time posting here. I have recently purchased a couple of ball stretchers and was wondering what thoughts other members have about them. Personally I find them exciting to wear out and about and enjoy the weighty feel hanging from my balls

when you get my age you wont want them stretched nature will take of that for you hang to your knees

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Ball stretchers are one thing I've yet to try on a partner, I think my sub would love them and something I should really consider buying.

My OH has recently tried ball stretchers. We only use silicone ones at the moment so it is more of the stretch than the weight.
Mr likes the feel of them. Says its like the feeling when he's about to orgasm. His balls end up stimulating me too

Hi purring pussy, you'd best try shaving his ballsack first, the stretcher is easier to get on then

Bumping this thread. We have several ball stretchers and a parachute. He really likes the sensation, the issue that we need help with is twofold:

  1. He’s scrotum is really really tight. Combine that with rather large balls and there are very few devices that we seem to be able to use. We’ve tried heat and lube but as soon as he becomes aroused they tighten up.

  2. He’s concerned that a lot of use will cause permanent stretching

Any thoughts welcomed as always.

I’ve thought about them but I’m in a Chastity cage and that rules them out. The cage does give a similar feeling of constant stimulation though.