Balls Behaving Badly

One Extreme To The Other…
The weather is warming up and so is the nut sack.
I always seem to be really tight in the balls department accept after a hot bath. They annoy me because my nuts disappear up their shoots and during sex, bj or hj they get battered up there. Kinda bit of a sickening feeling in the bottom of my stomach. Often stop to try and stretch the bag so they pop out again. Drives me NUTS !!
Unyet… on those hot sunny evenings its the total opposite… Its like 2 vacuum packed plums.
Most of the year they are in hiding but in the summer I can stretch that sack like a bats wing to at least 4x4 inches.
Quite fun wrapping up their best buddy… OH finds it funny.
I know all us blokes have a degree of this but I feel mine is extreme…
Anyone else have this…


When I’m wearing underwear, no matter the brand or whatever. My nuts instantly decide they will be pinched and nipped like a crab has them in its pincers. No amount of fixing and adjusting makes it easier.

I used to get my balls retracting during sex but it doesn’t happen now. Probably because they’re hitting south.

It shouldn’t happen too often, maybe get it checked out.

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I have really saggy big balls what rarely shrink unless I’ve shaved them!
Weirdly many seem to love them and I do too but sometimes they can be a tad fiddly to manage like I might sit on them if not careful or they may flop out my underwear when I’m walking about :sweat_smile:


This is my face reading this :woozy_face::exploding_head::face_with_spiral_eyes::confounded::face_with_peeking_eye:


Mine have a tendency to tighten and start to retract. I’ve tried a silicone ring round the base of the penis and balls which holds them out quite well.

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My left one retracts sometimes during solo or sex with my wife. A cock ring or double cock ring help to keep them both where they should be. Sometimes I need to push or pull my left one down. Not really sure the evolution design for retracting balls :laughing:

Big low hangers here.
I found, amazon do bamboo boxers, only ones i like wearing now because there is air in there to hang low and not pinch, stick and get lost while im sitting