Bargain basement

Just wondering how many out there use sales and offers to test out toys at the lower priced end of the market
And then use these experiences to gauge reactons before upgrading ?
Im sure we all have on occasions found good and not so good reactions
Or am i just a cheapskate :grin::laughing::sweat_smile:


Certainly in the early days of our toy buying we would buy a cheaper version of a toy to try it out and if we found it to be to our taste we would later buy a better or more upmarket version.

Nowadays we both know exactly what we both like so we only buy the ones we know will work for us.


I’m an experienced toy user and I’ll buy clearance items if it’s something I’m interested in using.


I tend to be a bargain hunter generally, but if it’s something I really want to try then I will pay full price.

Im looking at is it a false economy rather than cost …at the cheaper rate if its not suitable
Then nothing lost …
If it is its worth persuing from that point …then go for it

I’d probably have bought cheap in the past to see if it was something that I was interested in. But as I know what I like, I’d not bother with a cheaper version. Though I might hold off for a sale or a decent discount code if it was expensive. Or if I’m lucky, get picked to test something similar.

I do this unfortunately but I end up getting roped in by the bargains and buying things I ordinarily wouldn’t :joy: and then they end up living in my toy drawer forever, which at this point desperately needs a clear out.


As a uni student, I do prefer to wait for sales and then use my uni discount. But I’m also definitely guilty of buying more than I need when there’s a bargain :rofl:


Well were still learning what we both like ( very early days ) so starter level is very appealing
and im sure quality over quantity is the way to go
But at the rate were going …gonna need a bigger toy box :wink::kissing_heart:

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I used to only buy in the sale / offers / deal of the day and took advantage of the free postage.
It’s harder to buy a sale item now as you need more items for free postage, so we tend to get a higher priced toy or wait to buy multiple.

I have definitely bought cheap in the past to test an item out with the intention of buying a more expensive model if we liked it.

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I do love a bargain - always shopping in the sales online for shoes, clothes, sex toys.

There has been some toys I’ve wanted that cost 200-300 pound but I’ve not purchased one of those yet.
It’s a lot of money to end up being disappointed.


I think when you’re just starting to buy toys it makes sense to start off cheap to find out what works for you.

Once you have a few things in your toy drawer and get to know what you like then go straight for the more expensive/better quality items. I now prefer to buy better quality toys but wait for a sale or discount of some kind as it can get costly over time.

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I have gone for the cheapest basic stroker in the past and then slowly upgraded to a fleshlight which was about 7-8X the price and i wasnt disappointed.
I definitely see the benefits of spending more money for better materials and quality etc

Not at all, this sounds like a most reasonable and wise way to find good toys I think and keeping savvy about it as well :smiley:

I only buy for myself in the sale (when gifting for others I splash out, go figure). I am particular though and only buy things on my wishlist. I used to make impulse buys a few years ago but after I Marie Kondo’d my life that stopped.

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