Basic S+M and role Play Ideas

So, the wife and I have had some bondage kit in the bedroom, we have the bed restraints etc and blind folds and all works very well.....

But our last session involved me giving her bum some slapping and even though I don't feel uncomfortable coming up with scenarios or role play ideas could anyone suggest anything I could use... she really seemed to get off on it...

She doesn't want me to buy a paddle or anything as I think this reminds her of problems at home at childhood where she might have been slippered etc but she does like me giving her bum a good slap AKA FSOG style!

I could just do with role playing ideas where we get a bit rough, I tried a bit of "youve been a naughty girl havn't you' 'you shouldn't have done that so I'm going to punish you' but I couldn't come up with any decent ideas or stories to give it the real umpphhh!

Help appreciated! :)


One that we've used before is that my wife has had an accident in the car again and that it's going to cost £200 (or whatever figure you want) to get it fixed so she has to have 1 spank per £10 in the hope that it will make her concentrate on her driving more. Obviously numbers can be adjusted up or down depending on level of experience and how "into it" you both get. If she doesn't drive then she has spilled bleach on a carpet that now has to be changed, broken an expensive ornament that has to be replaced anything along those lines.

Interesting...........thanks Dumpertruck..... any others anyone do or does as part of their play?

orgasm controlis fun,tell her she cant cum, then try as hard as you can to make her, then punish her when she does

My hubby gives me maths questions - simple ones mind you, I cant really concentrate too much on other things during sex, and gives me a slap for every number I am away from the correct answer.

I'm rubbish at maths but it really gets me off trying to get correct answers when I'm in the middle of a good spanking !