Bathtime Fun

Recently moved into a new house (hence why I've not posted in some time), and I have a bath again! So, I'm on the look out for a good 'bathtime buddy'.
I quite like the look of the Paris Edition I Rub My Duckie, but I thought I would seek the opinions of you lovely cadets, first.
So, what's your favourite bathtime toy?

I Rub My Penguin. Hands down. I LOVE him. No, I ADORE him. He is absolutely perfect.

Oh I wish I every got peace in the bath only time that happens is when the kids are posted out for the night and thats usually so me and hubby have some time for the better things in life.
But the ducks and the penguin sound great.

I want a bath time friend... Fed up of using my fingers in the bath LOOL


My rub my duckie broke. After one use. The motor came away from it's castings, so he just buzzes at me kinda sadly now...

Thats terrible! I love my I Rub My Duckie (I had to give him a shorter name though.. he now answers to Napoleon), so I hope he doesn't go the same way.. Bathtime just wouldn't be the same without him :)

I'd get a fit of the giggles just looking at the duckie or penguins in the bath. Would have to be a more" traditional" lookin vibe for bathtime fun for me I think!

Nah I've kept him. Got a more traditional bathtime vibe, and I'd feel abit dodgy sending him back and saying he broke when I used him- what would they think of me?! lol

I've never used one in the bath? Are they really loud, because water tends to make noises sound louder doesn't it??

Personally I find them quieter underwater than out. The only time you hear a loud noise is if you stick your head under or bash the vibe against the side of the bath in the heat of the moment! I had a new bath installed fairly recently.. it's one of those shiny jacuzzi jobs, so I have been known to switch the bubbles on to mask the noise during the odd moment of paranoia when the house is really quiet or I know someone's next door.
Having said that, I really don't think it'd be heard outside the bathroom while its underwater unless it was a really noisy one.. but waterproof vibes don't seem to be that bad noise-wise in my experience :)

Really? I have one of those with the g-spot tip, and it's like a pneumatic drill! Mind you, it was cheap lol. And once underwater and inside you then the noise is vastly reduced. Plus the only person in the house is the man who'd be turned on knowing I was doing it lol.

Rub mu duckies aren't loud at all.

Got one of those the other day crayola, very noisy indeed. When i first used it Mrs kunni disapproved.We were horny yesterday and to my surprise she asked for it which was unusual, as she only plays with her clit. I think it would be better if it wasn't so hard.

yes, or only the end vibrated, not the entire thing

ooooooh gotta get me one of them duckies or penguina! how many different ones are there? and where do i find them?

There's loads!!! Duckie ones are like such: and the penguin one is - I have always quite liked the look of the Fun Factory Baby Bug - so cute!!