Beads vs Plug

Ok lovely people next question on mine and my wife’s quest for anal pleasure! After a successful experience with anal on the weekend my wife now wants an anal toy to enjoy while we play! So simple what do people prefer and I guess any experiences with either or both! Jx

It depends a little on how you and our wife want to involve the toy in your play. Butt plugs are generally designed to be inserted and left in whereas beads can be inserted and left in or they can be pulled in and out. If you are looking for anal stimulation while you do other things, either will work, although I would probably suggest a butt plug. If you are looking to be actively playing with the toy, anal beads are probably going to be a better choice.

I would say if during intercourse butt plug but if for foreplay anal beads

Why not both?

One of my fav things is to get into 69 position (her on top) and then work on her anally with beads whilst performing oral on her at the same time. She uses glass dildo on me whilst doing oral.

Once foreplay like that is over, we then switch to butt plugs for conventional PIV sex. Best of both worlds.

She isn't ready for PIA sex yet, may or may not ever be, not pressuring her one way or the other, but she really likes the beads / oral combo, particularly as the stretch and clench of each bead going in and out timed with my tounge, well, you can imagine the pleasure:)

Are we taking for dp? If so I was say a plug. Trying to work two at the same time can be tricky..where as a plug you don't have to do much apart from insert it. You can always get remote/vibrating ones..I have this and it's a favourite....." Nexus Ace Large Extra Quiet Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug 5 Inch " .... ( don't worry if comes in small and medium too) . However if your taking to play then anal beads are better.