Beautiful bush appreciation

Looking back through the archives there have been plenty of threads asking how people like their or their partners' public hair. Lots of people seem to like it hairless (and good for them) but how many of us are there who appreciate a fully natural untrimmed bush?

My girlfriend is naturally hairy, definitely more than the average girl I would say, and always had problems with razor burn, stubble that grows back really quickly and that kind of thing. I persuaded her to stop shaving her pubes (she still does legs and armpits, which I appreciate), and we've never looked back. She has a big thick triangle of dark curly hair down there, and it extends underneath and up into the crack of her gorgeous arse.

I can't get enough of it. I love the way it bulges out of her underwear, I love putting my hands down there and running my fingers through it, I love burying my face in it when I lick her pussy, just can't get enough. Am I the only one who likes his girl hairy down there?

Would love my oh whatever her choice but I would be less inclined to go down there if I kept choking on loose pubic hair. Fortunately she prefers the near landing strip. Personally I don't like the big bush!

I actually find I don't tend to get that many loose hairs in my mouth. Maybe her bush is well secured lol

Not my thing, mine was off as soon as the garden grew so to speak...

Sorry cant bear it if I could afford permanent removal Iaser I would. Xx

Thank you for your bush appreciation, Steve! I have a hard time with shawing down there too - my skin is too sensitive for the razor, it reacts really bad each time I do it, so I just trim myself every once in a while. And I'm happy my OH doesn't mind and kind of likes it :)

I think I'd like it, but my wife currently shaves although it can get left a week or so. Problem is she has quite fair hair so the bush is pretty light so never really looks like a bush!

I would love to keep a big bush but sadly my OH perefers me to be shaved or at the very least trimmed

Nope! Doesn't get a chance.

Hair removal cream all the way. Can't recommend it enough to anyone who is sensitive or has thick hair. Eventually the hair gets thinner and thinner after continued use.
I feel a lot cleaner and hygienic without pubic hair and I'm more likely to give oral to my partner when he's hairless too.

Missm22 may I ask what one u use? Im dark so it shows used to use hair removal cream but never really successful that was years ago though n techs moved on since!

I use veet spray on. You only need by leave it about 4 mins. Get the sensitive one to start with :)

Does it smell really bad, I remember coming to the age of requiring shaving snd almost being sick with the smell skunt the whole house out! X

Miss m I usually wax ...painful.. Can the veet spray on be used inside the lips on those pubes too? Always thought I couldnt apply there.
Cheers lust x

Haha no not really.
I've had some ones that smell quite bad but this one doesn't really have a smell. It's best to apply it and then have your shower just in case x

Thank,might have to have a go

Let me know how you get on :)

My girlfriend just waxes (I think) the bikini line and the rest is natural. I never get loose hairs in my mouth either!

Have to say not the beat reveiws online?? Never the less when iget chance ill give it ago do u use the one with the sponge or the funny card thing.

My hubby tweezes me , it takes a while but it takes a while to grow back

I used to leave everything more or less natural, (just a bit of trimming once in a while, except in the summer when I would remove everything that could be seen when wearing a bikini) until a few weeks ago when I started shaving everything, just to try.

My man told me he likes it when fully shaved but he does not mind if there's hair down there. I love him so much