because HIV's only vaccine is prevention

Hello, folks- I'm doing the Walk for Life here in London under the place I volunteer for, the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. The Walk for Life is for HIV/AIDS charity Cruisaid, and when you sponsor me you also raise money for the Switchboard, which helps gay, lesbian, bi and trans people get the emotional support they need on topics ranging from coming out to safer sex.

Of course, being me- I wanna march in red latex, fishnets, wrapped in red ribbon. Meow!

I'm hoping to raise at least 50 quid for my group, even better if I can manage more! So I'm asking all the Londoners I know- will you sponsor me, even a little bit? 5 quid? A tenner? Every little bit would mean worlds!

Just to give you an idea-

£15 could pay for a personal carer to help someone who is very ill with HIV with washing, cooking and other basic tasks that they could not manage on their own

£25 could help to save the lives of young people in Africa by providing community leaders with HIV prevention training packs and fund one-to-one training sessions

£40 could provide one family in Benoni, South Africa with practical and emotional help for a year, including transport to hospital, nursing care, counselling and essential food and school books

£100 could buy a fridge/freezer to help prevent treatment failure for someone who is living in poverty and unable to store their antiretroviral drugs at the correct temperature

And, even better- If you are a UK taxpayer, the Government will pay Crusaid an additional 28p for every £1 you give if you tick the Gift Aid box when sponsoring me and fill in your name, residential address and postcode. Your residential address is a requirement for a valid Gift Aid claim, so please provide this!

And, hey, pass it around your work, email lists, whatever. It's always the season to try to help control and vanquish HIV!