Bee Gees - favourite songs!!

In memory of Robin Gibb, I would love to share our favourite songs. I know not everyone is a fan, but they did write some amazing songs for other artists also.

My Dad absolutely loved `You Win Again' and my lovely Dad is no longer with us so that is one of my favourite songs along some others I love:

`For whom the bell tolls'

`I gotta get a message to you'

`Immortality' (with Celine Dion)

So what are you favourites?

Don't really have a favorite but have fond memories of the music to the Saturday Night Fever film - I was always amazed at the way they hit those high notes!!

I love the staying alive soundtrack and have so many favourite songs they all have different special memories

And the Sun will shine

not as well known as some, but is Simply Outstanding

More than a Woman...GREAT song

You win again

More than a woman

Staying alive

The Bee Gees have some great songs, although I don't know all of them.

you win again was playing years ago when playing in a snooker league it was our finals night and we won it was quite funny too as we all started singing it x

I would also have to say "You Win Again" and "Immortality" are my favoruites.

However I do not dislike any of their songs. Such talented people.

More than a woman

Spirits (having flown)