Behind closed doors

I bought the game behind closed doors for Christmas and I was wondering if anyone could let me know if I need to buy any extras for it? I dont own any sex toys or things except for a cock ring lol so may need to stock up for me and my bf to play on xmas day

Wouldn't have a clue, just bumping this so someone else might x

I have monogany and we had to buy extras. Not sure if it's the same sort of thing but we got some massage oil, some drinks in, and a few basic toys from 3 for 10 x

Maybe have a look through the reviews and see if there are any suggestions there?

Mmm I don't own the game myself, but I've been thinking of getting one of these sexy little games myself! I have a little shopping list in mind for things that I'd want to get to supplement it:

- Sexy lingerie

- Massage candles
I bought these: I think they'd be awesome for setting the mood while the wax melts and it'd be nice to incorporate a sexy massage into your play time. c:

- Edible Lube / Body Paint
Imagine licking this off him or having him lick it off you. Mmmm. This chocolate one ( looks really nice!

- Vibrator
I'd recommend getting a bullet vibrator or maybe one of those love eggs with a remote attached. Those would be really fun since he can use them on you during foreplay. Plus he'll have control over the sensations that you're experiencing which can be a real turn on for the both of you.

- Stroker / Masturbator
Since you'd have a toy for you, you could get a toy for him as well! It'd be fun to use these to give him a handjob (if that's what the card asks you to do) or even to supplement a blowjob.

- Blindfold / Hand Cuffs
I'm not sure if these will be needed for the game, but they might be really fun to use!

- Tingling Lube / Orgasm Balm or Gel
Maybe a little supplement to really put those nerves on fire!

So yup, that's my shopping list heh heh. I actually have most of these stuff ordered, but I haven't decided on a game to get yet. Have fun shopping! I think it's going to be an amazing experience. :)

Thanks for the replies
I might just buy a couple of things and if they are not needed for the game we can use them at some other time