Being a Dom/sub

Do you think being a Dom or a Sub is natural or can being a dom/sub be picked up;

can someone know they are a dom/sub without having "experiance" in it

Also how is being a findom (financial dom) like

Being a Sub can be hard doing as your told please him which is ace , but also pushing testing boudiaries to be pulled back in line is also fun.

both require lerning but i think it is in some of us already but not all of us ralise it yet , some can learn it and some dont lean that way at all and never will.

my parner knew he was kinky before he had ever even looked it up on the internet but he was a sub then. he is my Master now though.

Do you think getting turned on reading bdsm is the same as being a sub

I would love to give some of this a go but the OH is fussed by any of this I like to try new experiences and it might boost my confidence some more

I would love to give some of this a go but the OH is fussed by any of this I like to try new experiences and it might boost my confidence some more

Reading bdsm I found is a turn on & I have read a few books its an insight of what other Sub have experience every D/s relationship it compeletly different .

Fetlife definatly opens your eyes for sure

fetlife has been playing me up recently, i had a virus which my anti virus blocked and then its hit and miss if i get on the site, love it when i can but am dubious now which videos i look at etc

My partner and i have a d/s relationship but only in the bedroom, it rarely goes in to the rest of our lives and i couldn't manage if it did its not in my nature to be submissive in anyway other than sexually but i don't think he'd like it if i was.
I wouldn't say i learned to be submissive, i always wanted to try it i just wasn't open enough with previous partners to tell them what i wanted.

Each to their own D/s relationship whether it be in the bedroom or all the time . Learned or natural as long as you enjoy it that's all that matters x

Very curious myself in this area, just not sure how to get into it. What I should do etc. Just need to grow a pair and dive in me thinks.

interesting thread/question and i think Hella makes a valid point, that in the world of dom/sub relationships there is no 'standard'.......each person/couple interprets in a manner that best suits.

Aside from the obvious connection between enjoying doing what one's told as a Sub there's perhaps another layer, and that's that for some being submissive to whatever degree removes any inbuilt guilt. IE/ taking on an alter ego and thus creating the chance to 'act out' scenarios that would otherwise be repressed.

As for born with a leaning or cultivating a leaning toward being D/S .......i dont think there's a generic answer, and as to whether it appeals to some or not i'd say that depends on what it actually is that you're wanting to do or experience. If watching a dvd where someone is led around by a lead floats your boat, great, if you see someone tied up and teased and immediately wonder what that'd be like, great - at the sametime if you look at anything and think 'no way Jose'.....doesn't necessarily mean that you have't a bit of kink - D/S in your make up. It's just that you haven't found/explored the right scenario ........yet.

bottom line like all things kink/vanilla - in D/S there is no hard and fast rule aside from those that each person makes themselves.

As a recently started sub, I personally have taken to it very well. I haven't always thought about this change in life experience, but enjoy it immensely.

Our Dom Sub relationship is reviewed frequently, so if either of us have a problem it is sorted quickly.

I'm sure that all Dom/Sub's are different in their outcomes and delivery, it's whatever suits you two.

Neither of us had experience of our roles prior to the beginning. My dom has found information on the internet and particulary Fetlife, as previously mentioned.