Being watched

Years ago i had a girlfriend that liked to watch me jerk off. She then started inviting a friend then another etc… We were together for 16 years & have been split up for 2 years. Now i really miss not being watched because it really turned me on. Is this perverted? Does anyone like being watched?


Not at all dude. Think you’ll find your not alone, plenty of people are exhibitionists.
Have you tried recording yourself on a phone or something? You can delete them after, but it might give you a similar sensation.


Thank you but yes i have & it’s just not the same. I’m sure i will cum across another eye for the watching.

I have limited experience in this area but did find it a turn on. Would love to try again

Wouldn’t say its perverted, me and OH had some outdoor fun over the weekend, somewhere thats quite popular, we saw a guy watching us from afar with binoculars-made us even more hungry for each other :smiling_imp:


Funny how that excites. I could be the guy behind those binoculars


I love watching people masturbate. I’m not sure why. I just find it incredibly hot watching someone give themself that much pleasure.


Both of us have never really been into it before the weekend, but it turned us on so much. Maybe its because we’ve never actually been caught to our knowledge


No it’s not perverted, we both love being watched, I love to wank off with the curtains open wide ,we both love to play out side and the feeling of being watched or spied on by complete strangers is a real turn on ,when we were first together Mrs B used to put a show on for lorry drivers completely naked ,then we would pull over in a lay by and really go for and most of the time we would end up humping like made on the car bonnet

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I don’t like being watched but I like watching other people with their consent of course.


Watching or being watched get my juices flowing . You were a lucky guy to have your former girlfriend bring an audience . Thanks for a new fantasy !

Well i would be honored

I loved it when my girlfriend had one of her friends over. She always knew how to start a sexual conversation that always ended up like she was talking me in to entertaining them through masturbation. The attention was so freaking exciting.

The excitement just before knowing I’m about to get naked for them is very intense. I’m lucky in sex because i often have back to back orgasms with a super shoot stream first then an explosion of mini streams to follow up. It’s amazing to have back to back orgasms so I’m guessing why i was somewhat popular during those 16 years with her. Feels good to be able to talk about this actually. 2 years being single makes me wonder if i might be too nervous to perform if situation presented itself. By the way, all you guy’s are great! There are still real people in this world.

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You’re very welcome

I’ve fairly recently discovered that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I love taking risky, naughty photos for my ‘friend’, he loves them too.


Just to echo what everyone else has said. Absolutely no way is it perverted, you are not causing offence to anyone and both you and your ex enjoyed it.
I enjoyed being watched by a former partner, she used to ask to watch as she enjoyed watching.


Nah not perverted, more like a kinky fetish I’d maybe say. Everyone has their own turn ons and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. This is a common thing with people who go to public sex events or dogging so they can get the thrill of knowing they could be caught and watched by others.
There’s also now an online trend for this type of thing in chat rooms.

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Good to know. Thanks!

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This is a fantasy of mine, masturbating with a blindfold on, but knowing there are people around me masturbating themselves and getting off on watching me! A mix of knowing I’m being watched but not knowing at the same time!