Being watched

So my question today is has anyone used any websites / recommendations to have someone / stranger watch you in the bedroom via phone video or webcam.

We a couple years ok had someone playing with themselves on phone camera whilst we played (never showed faces). It was the Omegle site…… not many ladies on there and mainly guys with their c**ks out.

What’s peoples experiences if any , recommendations as wanting to do again in the bedroom.


I use dirty roulette x


:hugs: is that paid for site or free ?

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Bizarrely i once had a video chat/ FaceTime which lead to something like this where I played with myself and they got off watching and joining in…
They really enjoyed it but for me it felt most odd as wether it was down to my meds that stopped me from being able to climax or if it was the idea someone was watching me, I just in all felt kinda awkward and embarrassed :see_no_evil:

Maybe if I had planned it with a proper set up and done like you see on the chat sites where you can tip people, it might have felt better :thinking:

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It is a free site, edited by mod