ben wa balls not doing anythng, am i doing something wrong

hi all,

i brought some ben wa balls (these ones and have worn them a few times now, however they dont seem to do anything for me, in fact i can barely even notice that there inside me!!! i know that i am meant to be doing pelvic exercises when there in and i do, however it feels no different than when i do them without them in, and it doesnt remind me to do them or anything, am i the only one with this problem, it has such positive reviews raving about how aware and how good they feel that i cant help think that yes indeed i am.

Gutted as i so desperately wanted to love these!

Never used them ordered some different ones waiting for them to come maybe you need some heavier ones not sure how it works

Got one used them once same as you i cant feel what everyone is talking about

kittyb4u wrote:

Got one used them once same as you i cant feel what everyone is talking about

im glad its not just me, i just cant understand why there are such rave reviews when i just cant fel them at all really??

I've got heavier metal ones and there great fun, especially when at work and being naughty. Have you tried doing pelvic floor exercise with them in?

I found if he inserts them while i touch my toes I get more of a feel than me inserting them , I like mine I love feeling them i do a cough once them in and i see to feel them drop so I automactially tighten my PF muscles and I get a work out x

hi yes i have been doing pelvis excercises when there in but they feel no different or sensual than when i do them without the balls in, im not even aware of them after a few min like other people have said they are constantly aware