Ben Wa Balls?

i bought my girlfreind the duo weighted balls from love honey because i had read in a few place that they help to tighten up the muscles in the pussy but now im wondering how long it will take to notice differences, she uses them a few time a week if she can remeber them and she does a few of the exercises but probbly not enough. do they actually make a difference can anyone tell me of their experience with balls or eggs, and if they tightened you up.

I think like any exercises you need to do them a fair bit to make a difference. I use mine as a fun thing not to seriously tone, I don't think it's worth the hassle! I'd suggest finding something else fun to do.

You don't need Ben Wah balls (you want rice with that?), just do pelvic floor exercises several times a day. Also less chance of a ball accidentally falling out following a sneeze, rolling across the floor and giving aunt Agatha a fit of the vapours.