Ben Wa Balls


I was just wondering if ben wa balls were worth buying? And which ones people would recommend? (And any tips?)



Search the archives, there's a ton of advice in there already. We probably average one of these questions a week.

The sets sold as ben wa balls are generally for pleasure. They've basically a sort of foreplay and will help get your body warmed up and ready for more. The light ones won't do a whole lot for toning.

Heavier ones for toning the muscles are usually marketed as kegel balls or toner balls. The rule of thumb is that smaller and/or heavier gives a more intense work out.

You'll have to jump in and try a few to figure out what you need. At least one regular to these threads needs small ones. She prefers Lelo's Luna minis or Luna Noir. I haven't found ones that are small enough (with enough weight) for myself yet, so the best ones for me are heavy. My beasts were discontinued for lack of sales though. Other people are happy with something like the Tracey Cox set (there are usually several sets of about that size and weight, so check to see what's currently the best price).

Je Joue's Ami set has three of different sizes/weights so that's a good starting point too. Good quality there.

Once you've found the right set for you, they'll certainly help tone your kegel muscles, which can make your orgasms more intense and reduce the risk of prolapse.

One thing to watch out for is the string. Nylon strings are much harder to clean properly, so many of us stick to separate balls or sets with silicone 'string'. Read through the reviews if you're not sure. At least one person will likely mention hygiene and how difficult or easy that set is to clean thoroughly.

Thank you, that's loads of help!

I didn't realise they were the same things as the kegel balls otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with this post so sorry about that!