Ben Wa Balls

Hi all! :)

I was just wondering if there is a 'size chart' of some kind to show the different sizes of Ben Wa Balls available? I have checked online and cannot seem to find anything.

I am new to Ben Wa Balls and thought they would not only be fun during a day out with my partner or during play but also good to use to exercise. My issue is that the set I recently purchased I think are too big. I read that you are supposed to tighten or tense your muscles to keep them in, however, mine don't seem to be going anywhere. I can literally jump up and down coughing and they stay put. With this in mind I don't feel like they will be giving me much of a workout.

Any help, tips or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! :D

I had the same problem with my first ben wa balls...I could barely feel them! I then bought Hustler Daredevil Love Balls, that are 114grams (57g each) and 3.75" insertable length (about 1.85" per ball). Even though this is quite heavy for ben wa balls and recommended for more experienced users, I find they are perfect for me. They don't sell Hustler Daredevil Love Balls on here but no.3 of this set has a simular weight and size, and with the set you can work up to that weight if you can't use the heavier ones straight away.

To check weight and size on here, you need to read the individual descriptions

As you can see from that set, beginner's usually weigh about 50g, intermediate 75g, and experienced 100g or more. I don't know what weight you're using now.

Lovehoney also have these ones which are 221g and are on my wishlist

Generally, as they get heavier they also get smaller. But you'll just have to compare the size in the description to the ones you have at the moment!

Ah lovely thank you! I got the LH Basics ones as they were my first ones - just to try it out and see if I like them:

I feel the weights moving inside the balls, and the actual balls were a lot bigger than I expected. They weigh 56g in total. The feeling and sensations are amazing, I was just under the impression that I would need to constantly be tensing to keep them in, but I never have to with these. Think I'll try a heavier + smaller set :)

Thank you for the help! Appreciated.