Best and Worst Christmas Present

So everything has been given and recieved (I hope) and I was just wondering what has everyones best present been and what has been the worst you've recieved this year???

(apologies if this Thread has already been started)

Anyway my best was my replacement Tom Ford Glasses from my daughter after she snapped the arms off my old pair..... I think the best from my wife was her waking me up at 4am wanting to try her new glass dildos (changing the bed sheets excluded)

A christmas pudding my aunt gave me....... because I put it in my jeep boot 2 weeks ago and it opened I hadn't noticed until tonight..... yum

My husband bought me a bucket of toffee popcorn......because he knows i like popcorn

the thought was there, however he had not seemed to get the LH hints i gave him!

Parents gave me some money and friends gave me a box of sweets. They were nice sweets, but it was because they'd forgotten and what they had laying about. I got a nice card from someone else. Divide that up however you want, I'm just glad we're into a new year.

Best = my wedding ring!

Worst = Socks

Best - Eeyore fun in the snow, followed by DS games

Worst- Tin of spam.

Best:- Le Creuset pots and stuff, as I love to cook and like their stuff

Worst:- finding some were seconds. (hide the packaging , people, maybe I'd have never known)