Best battery powered alternative to a wand?

We have booked a holiday to somewhere remote but the power is solar generated so think that the LH magic wand won't work! Normally would cancel the holiday but not refundable.

What would people recommend as a battery powered alternative to the wand?

You can get a battery powered mini wand, which has pretty good reviews :)

It's waterproof too!

There are some rechargeable wands. Quite a few actually.

It really depends on what you're looking for, the We-Vibe Tango is a rechargable bullet, I've yet to find vibrations like it from anything that isn't plugged in. That is a bullet though so it is pinpoint!

FrozenAngel wrote:

There are some rechargeable wands. Quite a few actually.

That's a good point, if you had a rechargeable one then you could just charge it up before you go and use it mains-free when you're there. You might also be able to recharge it there, although it could take longer if the power is weak. Maybe take a look at the Lelo rechargeable wands, or I think Tracey Cox, Bodywand, Embrace and FSOG do them as well (there's loads more too).

Does it have to be battery or is rechargable ok ?

If rechargable is ok then if you hold out a little longer and cross your fingers Lovehoney start to sell the Swan wand I have put in a question on the pander to me thread but it hasn't been replied to yet .

After reading some of the reviews this seems to have real mains like power and water proof as well

That might seem like an odd suggestion but it's one of the best toys we have. The vibes are deep and rumbly and the flickering motion doesn't stop no matter how much pressure you put on it. It's great used internally too. The length makes it easy to use during sex and my OH loves to have it super lubed up and used around his anus, though just externally.

You'd be hard pushed to find something as powerful as a wand that needs batteries but this is a good alternative imo 😊

Also, though I hated it and so did many others, the Rockbox Finger is battery powered and mega strong. It has a million faults but if you select the highest rating option for the review display you'll see that some people loved it. It's a toy for penetration and not for the clit, but if that doesn't bother you it might be worth a punt seeing as you can send it back like I did 😁

I have this and it's brilliant - the batteries last for ages too !

The Vibratex Mystic Wand is an intense and battery-powered wand :)

Cant link it because im on my phone but the tracey cox battery powered vibrating wand is good, its a good size for travel and quite powerful for being battery powered. :)

sleepycelia wrote:

The Vibratex Mystic Wand is an intense and battery-powered wand :)

I agree with sleepycelia - it's definitely my wife's most used toy. She actually prefers it to the mains powered wand.

Well I have these two:

Personally I always come back to the Lovehoney wand, I think it's a fab little wand. But the Tracy Cox one is fab too and easier to clean x

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I will check them all out.