Best birthday memory/saucy gift

So when its your birthday your generally spoilt, wined and dined etc. Whats been the best gift you have received for a birthday and/or birthday saucy memory. x

Been spoilt with gifts over the years. But the gifts that changed my lifestyle are a cat o nine tails and a vicious heart shaped spanker. Even more fun than the car i got a few years back. Thanks as always K. x

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My birthday is the day before Christmas. Someone managing to carve out a few hours for me on the day or during that week is the best I've received. Usually those hours are a bit rushed though, cause the man's worrying about finishing his shopping/wrapping/packing/seeing family and his mother.

The most touching was the year my parents looked at my Amazon list and decided to get me an alternative from somewhere else that just did not work and was never going to work. That's fairly normal, so just a routine annoyance especially since I then get to pay to post it back to them. A month later I was at last dating again and the situation came up in conversation somehow, I think the package was on my coffee table or something. The next time I saw him, he gave me the right ones as a very sweet belated birthday present.

I think I should try to start all my new relationships in January. People are calm then. %-)

last year for my b/day violet had a little surpise for me, I recieved a designed tattoo from her and a cpl of small gifts but the best thing was a cute photo book with messages throughout the book it started off with all the things we had done over the year then gradually turned into a hot n naughty book then ended with more lovin pics off us, this one present made me cry with love n laughter it now sits pride n place on the mantle piece, though i did show it to a cpl off friends with the naughty section paper clipped together, but being my friend he had a sneaky look and luckly only saw her sexy bottom, violet went a lovely shade of red.

her birthday is onlY 3 weeks away so i better get thinking