Best Bullet?

Anyone have any recommendations for bullet vibrators? I'm trying to find one to replace my old one as I'm sick of replacing the N battery so frequently! I'm looking for a bullet that rumbles instead of buzzes and takes AAA batteries. Thanks in advance!

A rechargeable bullet would be more suitable if you dislike the hassle of replacing batteries. The We-Vibe Tango is supposed to be very rumbly, from what I've heard.

Thank you so much. I'll give it a go!

I second the Tango. The best bullet out there!

I would also highly recommend the Lovehoney Desire Bullet - it is really powerful and rumbly :) x

Can not recommend this bullet enough.

Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

The Luxe USB rechargeable silicone bullet is rumbly, and very quiet too! xx

Both the Lovehoney Desire Bullet and We VibeTango are very rumbly but they are also both very powerful!

If you like serious power then they are great, but if you want something that still has rumbles but is a bit gentler the Lelo Mia is a good alternative.

You may also want to look at options other than bullets as they can be just as enjoyable but easier to hold The WeVibe Touch and We Vibe Wish are both highly recommended as is the Lovehoney Desire clitoral vibrator.

All of the above are rechargeable and in all honesty it is so worth paying the extra for, no batteries to ever worry about and fumbly lids and the quality tends to be much better with more functions and variation.