Best couples Toys ??

Ok So its my Fellas birthday soon , and we've managed to book the hotel etc ... Now i want to make this birthday extra special .. we're new to sex toys and i just want advice how to blow both our minds .. thanks

A sex swing or a sling?

AA has given you loadsa wkd ideas! All I want to add is the doc johnson iRide - best of both worlds especially when riding it with your OH ;-) And it's super quiet too! You'll need a biggish bag to stash it in tho!!

I agree with AA about the lube tho - I never used to bother with it but since trying some of the more 'exciting' lubes (ID glide, etc) from Lh I haven't looked back!!

Have yourselves a WKD time whatever you decide to get - have FUN!!

D69x ;-)

PS - sorry I can't do any links either :-(

I think games is good for couples simply dice games or at the moment im liking the look of the Forplay in a row game

Wow thanks . thats given me a few ideas !!

Another thing dont go to crazy if you are going to buy a game and your fella is new to games i bought a game for a past g/f not thinking weather or not its to naughty for her,and guess what it was never used i bought monogamy:A Hot Affair Game thinking it would be good,But all its done is to sit in a cupboard collecting dust and i even think its to raunchy for the g/f im with now so i dont think ill be telling her about the game.

The best thing my OH does for me to make an evening (or a weekend) special is dressing up in nice lingerie - like most (99% ?) blokes I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Even better when she keeps most of it on whilst doing naughty things to me of course. I totally regard purcahses of sexy undies as a gift for me as much as her!

If you want to buy an actual toy I think AA mentioned the two main ones that do it for guys, either a stroker like the Tracey Cox one (feels amazing, but don't forget lube) or a vibrating ring (these feel OK to me, but not that special to be honest but the OH loves the vibes on her).

My OH treated me to some of her Durex Play "O" as a special treat. Wow. I could certainly feel the effect but things were over rather too quickly for me on that occassion. It was actually very pleasant, even if very brief, so you could try that but proceed with caution:-)

I think i just rushed into buying something and thats why the boardgame was never got out and even looked at,New g/f means new me im taking my time to look at things and finding out is it something she would really like.

Me well i would like anything i must admit i like to try things out i dont seem to worry if im going to look stupid.

I don't know what your budget is, but my boyfriend and I are also new to sex toys and we are thinking about getting the Lelo Tiani for my Christmas break. It's a toy that is insertable to stimulate both G-Spot and clitoris, can be worn during intercourse, is waterproof, and has a remote control! It sounds completely awesome to us, especially with the LH return policy and Lelo warranties. He just bought me an Ina for our anniversary and I can definitely say that Lelo makes a great, attractively packaged gift that won't add any tackiness to your nice hotel plans.

My vote, if you've got a bit more time on your hands at the hotel would go for either:

- Monogamy. Great game, quite well paced. Last time we played I was absolutely gagging and would do anything for him.

- Bondage/restraint gear. I prefer PVC tape. Easy to use and a bit of a giggle. If used carefully, can also be a blindfold, tie your oh to things etc. You can take charge and take your time with him!


Oh some good idea's here for stocking fillers for ourselves...

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

I don't recommend strip solitaire. It doesn't work!

Speak for yourself, luv!

Buy a love egg. Go out somehwhere and give him the remote let him control the egg its fantastic. Lets just say you will be racing back to the hotel for sex thats if you get back to the hotel!!!! xx

WOW.. Fab ideas !

yeah give them ago xx

a nice strap on it works both ways

a nice strap on it works both ways

I agree with Sexysal. an amazing idea.. and a bit of light bondage never hurt anyone..BUT, like every guy who is waiting for his birthday(me included)

BABYDOLL- just a nice black baby doll , set the mood, make it more passionate than raunchy.. but the game starts that great, get some candles set the mood.. and maybe even try a voucher game of anything he wants OR these scratch card.. they were great.. use them once a week and the suspense is awesome..

when it comes to your turn just like lottery ones you might lose.. but your partner HAS to recieve or give what you win and vice versa..

suspense and passion are my vote!!

Monogamy will change your lives! It did ours! And we still love playing it and playing it.

The we vibe looks great too for couples to use.

And if he is open to anal play then a strap on for you both or a rude boy for him.

All the best,


personally id say any! i get turned on from watching my gf use toys which in turn turns her on even more,we then take turns using them on her.