Best-Ever Orgasms with 2 guys

My best-ever orgasms was having two guys at me at the same time. One was licking my fanny and the other was licking my ass hole. God! Thinking of it right now is making me so wet!


nice thought ;)

hmmm ive had an experience with two guys ... so hot!!you just cant beat get pounded from behind nice and hard.. and using the momentum to blow the other guy off!!!

Love to try it, where/how do I find the other guy. Partner totally up for it!

Mrs.Naughty loves gasping and moaning in orgasm whilst sucking hard on a todger whilst being right royally reamed at the other end. She finds there's definitely something wanton and abandon about it.

How do you find the other guy? Very carefully! Mr.Hotcouple has not got to feel in any way intimidated by the other guy. He may say he is up for it, but believe you me fantasising about it, then actually seeing your other half scream her head off in passion as she is being given a good seeing to by some other guy can have other than the desired effect if your partner is not totally comfortable with himself sexually, and comfortable with seeing his partner made to orgasm by someone else.

We use (use being the operative word) a very old friend who we both feel totally at ease with, he is respectful of the situation and would not try to indulge in any sort of oneupmanship; neither would he take liberties. It's a very strange and unique situation and we certainly would not go anywhere near as far as we do with anyone else. We have tried the swinging scene, but are far more comfortable with our current set up which we both know poses no threat whatsoever to our relationship.

So we would say, yes it is fun; but please do be very careful, and discuss your expectations and what might happen first.

Thank you, great advice
Mrs HotCouple

I had a threesome once with two guys but I wasn't in a relationship with either of them, though I had being 'seeing' one of them... I knew them both quite well and it just happened one night. But I don't know if I could do the same in a relationship... it'd certainly be easier with two guys, if it was two girls I might get worried that she'd be better than me/more attractive etc... but I suppose I wouldn't know for definite unless I was presented with the situation.

Lucky you... always dream of that!