Best sex ever?

The most awesome sex we ever had was totally unplanned. About 10 years ago, It was 3 in the morning and we had both been in bed since about 10 pm. I don't know what woke us up, but for some reason, we both woke at exactly the same time. We just got down to it and had probably the horniest shag we have ever had. It was very strange at first, because she didn'd say anything, she just climbed over and straddled my face (69, hmm, my favorite). It just carried on from there, throwing each other round the bed in every position possible. It was light by the time we finished, and we were both knackered. I had to be in work at 8.

Hmm, maybe I should set the alarm clock. Might end up with a slap though

Without wanting to brag I can honestly say last night. :D

For the first time in ages the kids settled easily and early, I wasn't feeling worn out like I usually do, had a gorgeous curry and load of booze... then we went to bed.

I was feeling amazing after a very hot bath,. not worried about my wobbly bits for a change, feeling and looking great in a new sheer sexy nightie thing, we went to bed as usual... Now we do a bit of bondage play and I melt at the thought of being his sub, he used my new restraints to hold my hands down and teased me mercilessly, not even allowing a kiss till I was begging. then he stepped up the teasing and when I begged too much he stuffed my knickers in my mouth and shagged the hell out of me, then he untied me, told me to turn over and re-tied me... then a long-term fantasy of mine finally came true. :) a first time for me ;) he was perfect!

Eventually finished off with him in my mouth... mmmmm :D

Have not stopped smiling all day and had to sneak off for an afternoon quickie to let of some steam :D

Happy, happy, me :D

Sounds like my kind of session big brown :)

My best time would be valentines last year on my mums sofa, when she was away..I came twice that night.

But I am only young I think I have much better times ahead. (God I hope lol)

valentines day ie last weekend. she was as horny as f*** and so was I! after dinner we had a 2 hour marathon sex session in which she gave me the most amazing blowjob and i managed to get my whole fist in her pussy.the grinding of our hips felt fantastic for bth of us. lets say we slept well after that - gave a whole new meaning to the phrase shagged out lol!

At the moment, its every time! But last night was absolutely fantastic. I have never felt anything like i did last night. He was amazing.