Best sex you ever had

now i know this may start couples arguing but lets get it going

what is your best sex story?

who with, why was so good etc

here goes,

i was 18 she was 30 met at work.

drove out to secluded part of road in her 4x4 she was very petite and blonde. we kissed for a long time deep and gentle. then clothes were ripped off she gave deepthroat(my first) and then had amazing sex .

then she moved away aint seen her since

go guys...

oh and the worst was, at uni. she was beautiful very athletic. was flirting for ages. went back to hers, on the FUTON . lots of handplay for about 2 hours then when it came to the deed, genuine cap'n two thrusts. put my shoes on and left. this started a huge year long argument

hey if you have lots of sex a few bad ones happen. but yeah was strange, never happened since touchwood. and at that age just didnt know how to deal, me being the 'big man' and all. god it mustve been so funny all these cocky promises and then ; in/out/spuff

how many times you cum

our record is 7

cant wait for her to get back

hey lets hear the worst too

yeah my lassie is away so its been a while before tried to beat

12 wowzers he musta been a puddle by end

and the worst

come on guys join in

there not a lighthearted worst

Best has to be hotel sex at my favourite hotel ever, with my gorgeous man, on the balcony, while watched by the people in the neighbouring room.Through their nets. While we had anal sex for the first time after a magical jacuzzi bath and some Laurent Perrier, with my favourite shade of red roses accompanying and a box of new sex toys. Feeling sexy as I'd lost my pregnancy weight and hit my target, so I brought the lingerie that I wanted to look pretty and sexy in too. He was so romantic, the meal we had before was simply perfect and pretending to be strangers in the bar was hilarious. Sigh.

Worst.. two occasions in my youth

1) some guy who was so bad at oral sex I actually sat up, laughed, asked what the hell he was doing, then laughed again at his hurt expression

2) a one night stand years ago where the guy came in literally the blink of an eye, then we both passed out rather intoxicated. When I woke he had left and stolen my underwear... but get this.. left me a note with his number to call him Yeah right!!! LOL

its always good to give the benefit a quick spuff is no fun for anyway but sometimes happens.

then again he sounds like a plumpf

other worst was the girl who came in like 3 mins and then said "do what you like to finish im done" and gave a peck on cheek

Loves huni wrote:

hahaha bless MC

ive just remembered a pretty crappy one...

last year there was a guy in 6th form (but the year above me) at the time i thought he was gorgeous and when we started talking online i was completely shocked as to why he wanted to talk to me... anyway it was when we had some snow days (not this xmas but before that) so i got all dressed up in a cute little coat with a fur rimmed hood and put my boots on and well just generally got all dressed up and went to see him (stupidly thinking we would actually be spending a nice day getting to know each other) well it ended up me giving him oral which was "the best hed ever had" *rolls eyes* (yeah right!) & we ended up having sex, well if you can actually call it that i got on top rubbing myself against him where he stopped me to sort his hair out! then proceded to enter me.. once.. and lets say a half before he came (which wasnt a problem) UNTIL he got up left me still laying there looking a little confused and barely even turned on by this point.. to go play on cod. enough said i got my stuff together and left (had to catch a bus for almost an hour!!)

oh and to top it off he txt me askin me to come over when ever he was a little horney after giving him the benefit of the doubt and the exact same thing happening seccond time round i told him i wasnt being his booty call and we havent spoken since!

oh and it turns out the only reason he started talking to me was because it turns out hes (somehow) slept with practically everyone else in that 6th form and probably most others.. oh i also heard someone on my college course talking about him and was bragging about the fact he'd said "she was the best oral hed ever had" i just laughed!


lol I hate men like that, they just don't get it!! *hugs*


Mistress Cara wrote:

lol I hate men like that, they just don't get it!! *hugs*


But he did! *Ba dum tssshhh*

I'm just joking. I've never understood it personally, pleasing someone else is at least half the fun of sex!

I think some people are just happy to prey on insecurity. Hope things go much better in the future LH!

WandA wrote:

pleasing someone else is at least half the fun of sex!

I'd say more than half myself. Maybe I'm an egotistical sod, but knowing I can make the Mrs Orgasm really does it for me.


The time I teased WandA by hovering over his face with my pussy and his cock with my mouth and randomly alternating "thrusting" - the response I got was amazing!

The first time we had penetrative sex without a condom - so intense!

There was a time when he penetrated me from behind and lay flat on top of me (one of our favourite positions) and rested his head by my face and the emotions were so strong it just stays in my memory as one of the best even though it was just ordinary sex!

The various (few) times we've managed sex, on the sofa, without lube - it's rare so I always feel a sense of achievement!

The various "sub/dom" sessions we've been having which are wonderful! Including some very sexy role play

The time I got back to Liverpool and the house was empty - he took me in the living room, with the fire on - amazing!

Any time we try something new.

(Eek that list is a bit long, but there is no one time that sticks out in my mind - they are all wonderful in different ways )


Any time that ends in tears due to pain.

Any time that ends in guilt due to pain.

Random, large amounts of blood.


Awwww AdnaW.... cant imajine how bad it must feel but its fantastic to know ypu dont let it get to you and enjoy a great and kinky sex like lol.

My best, well....... I remember one time with my current partner we had tried many diff positions and settled in a kindof spooning position but at right angles to each other and I remember feeling so amazing and so inlove us just gazing into each others eyes =D. Makes me feel all goosepimply lol.

My worst, oh dear.... where do I start. My first ever sexual experiance (though we never actually managed full sex) when I was 17 he'd gone down on me and as I discovered I was rather noisy to which he told me to quieten down as it was distracting. Then when he tried to start penerative sex I told him to be gentle as was my first time...... needless to say he went limp straight away and nothing happened. The next time he tried was (apparently) for my 18th brirthday present but I just wasnt ready and it hurt so much we didnt manage it, needless to say he dumped me for being fridgid. Oh how I laugh now lol.

A few events spring to mind, but I will always remember one day v.cleary

Me and my best friend from uni spent a perfect summers afternoon in the pub garden bunking of our research methods seminar,

We spent hours slowly teasing each other, talking about everything and anything, making each other laugh and slowly getting closer and closer, knowing what was going to happen and enjoying every second of it! We then went back to hers and sat in the garden, stripped off, enjoying the late evening sun and feeding each other strawberrys and cream (and also enjoyed some cold ciders)

As the sun started to set we went up to her room, stood in silence with my arms around her, before she turned too me, put her fingers on my lips to silence me, and we had slow, tender sex in the light of the setting sun without saying a word, we just knew what the other wanted.

It was the perfect combination of giving in to months of tension, but without feeling even the slightest need for rushing. We just enjoyed every second, every detail. To this day I can not recall ever feeling as completely enveloped by something.

Best - A few stick out in my mind too, but the one which I remember most vividly was my first time with my wife.

We were both engaged to other people when we first started to get to know each other. We were both fairly unhappy in those relationships though, and the more we got to know each other, the more we realised how unhappy we were. After starting to spend more and more time together (usually at work - we work together. Although we did sneakily meet up outwith work too), we both eventually got rid of our previous partners. Neither of us were willing to cheat - as unhappy as we were in previous relationships, neither of us were unfaithful.

Our first time was very soon after I split with my ex, we went out for a drive in the car, and I pulled in to a layby at the side of the road - it wasn't secluded at all, it was literally an extra bit of tarmac at the side of the main road. We both knew we wanted each other, and what started out as a little chat slowly moved on to occasional touching, then our first kiss, followed by slowly undressing each other, some foreplay, then penetrative sex on the passenger seat. There was no rush, no urgency, it was just us being together. Several cars went by while we were there which added to the excitement. In all we were parked up for a good two to three hours! I was able to press all the right buttons and make her orgasm really strongly, and it's one of the very few times that the Mrs has been able to swallow my cum. Safe to say all the windows were very well steamed up by the time we thought about moving off - and to this day there are still some marks on my windscreen from where the condensation was not properly taken off, a kind of reminder of that night I suppose.

Worst - Probably most of the times with my first girlfriend. I was inexperienced, and she was from a very religious irish family. So condoms were necessary, and I never have gotten on with condoms. It was always a worry when we had sex, between "is she enjoying herself" (I was inexperienced after all) and worrying about the condom splitting - something which happened a few times with us.

Or there's the time with my last ex when my dad walked in on us...

Loves huni wrote:

um only the once today was a bit of a quicky really, but my record 12 in one day/night

not had the chance/time to get that down and dirty recently though


12 in one night wow, my record is 6 we got inturuptted by having to go to work....

as for best sex. proberly when my ex ex ex let me tie her up, she said " tie me up blindfold me and do what you want to me" so what can a lad do to that, i jumped to it tied her up to the bed and switched that playstation on and played getaway for 2 hours, she wasnt happy, but i must say when i did fuck her it was amazing she was so wet and really going for it, she said it was the best she had had aswell so cant be bad at all (Y)

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

^^ Lol!! I think if any bloke did that to me they would be too scared to untie me after the two hours of car games!

Haha. well it turned out to be amazing anyway so was all good by the end of the night :P