Best sexual experience?

What is the best sex you’ve ever had and why was it the best?

Very drunk honeymoon sex on wedding night and again on waking in the morning

The location, the romance and feelings

Probably the first time as it was a pleasant shock to the system.

When with a ex, stayed overnight at a wedding got absolutely drunk, next morning she was giving me a BJ and sex and told me what we did the night before. Had her bent over all over the place, lots of positions, every hole. Knowing that my cock was up her bum night before and then in her mouth 1st thing in morning was such a turn on. Just wish I could remember it lol

My first ever blowjob!

Tough call ! Between a blond , extremely chesty horny motorcycle riding girlfriend and a one night stand with a lady that was half way through chiropractic school . Blond had moved in with me and she was built like my dreams , along with being as horny as I am . Had mentioned on day that on my honeymoon , the ex and I did it 13 times that night . "We have to beat that ! Lucky for me back then , I was into body building along with off road motorcycling etc. That was a fun and epic night for me . She said just like a coach "two more" . So we finished at 15 for the night , we slept a heck of a lot the next day . The Chiropractor in training had been wanting to go out with me for a while , I finally caved in and had her over for planked salmon and grilled tenderloin . Then we walked 5 blocks to "my" biker club and danced our asses off . We got back to my place and had some the most passionate and exciting sex along with sensual massages with multiple happy endings .

Whilst I’ve loved dressing for years I’ve never had the courage to tell my OH. Only that I once bought things for a rocky horror FD party so had some heels and bits in the loft🙈. I’ve worn her underwear a lot and she’s bought me my own. One day she’s said she’d line to see my legs shaved so I put up a bit of unnecessary resistance and said yes. That evening she produced some hold ups to go with some black Underwear and put them on me and I got the heels out and slipped them on the night ended up my legs and wrists cuffed to the bed collar round my neck with a blind fold on and her on top. It was amazing and I think about it often. Hope fully it’ll happen again.

The next one.