Bi curious men/woman how far would you go

To all as Bi-curious men and woman. Romantically I am only into women, but open to a little adventure with the same sex. I consider myself straight as am not attracted to men at only interested what is in thier pants. I like to explore the limits. I haven’t acted on it yet, but definitely want to be penetrated by a real cock and would love to give a BJ and feeling them orgasm either in my mouth or bum one day
How far would you go then?

  • Masturbation ?
  • Oral ?
  • Active or passive anal ?
  • Something else ?

Me too, I’d love try things with another man! I’m contemplating going to a “gay sauna” watching other men then joining in.
To start with I’d just like to touch and do some oral then progress and see where my senses take me.


I have exactly the same desires as you. I’m not physically attrected to men but I would love to give a blow job and be penetrated by a real penis and have it come in my ass.

At 70 years old though I’m content with being pegged a few times a week .


Seems i am not alone!
I am also very much in the ‘curious’ camp. Doubt i will ever progress it, but often wonder what its like to suck a flaccid cock and have it stiffen in my mouth…and as I’m a fan of pegging would also be interested in what a real one feels like!!


Purely down to the individual really and what their fantasy is but I think it’s a good thing to be able to freely explore your sexual side to its fullest as long as it don’t harm others in the process.


Id go all the way!


I’d go all the way too, no kissing but everything else goes, I absolutely love cock and would love to give a blow job one day and be pounded in my bum by a beautiful throbbing cock. I think it’s great that you’ve mentioned this, I’m also not attracted to men but I’m absolutely in love with cock, I actually watch porn and are sometimes jealous of the girls


Exactly the same for me exept for kissing, would love to suck a cock and feel a real cock in my ass


And taste that cum!


Indeed :yum:

Hubby calls himself cock curious rather than bi curious. He’s interested in the blow jobs and anal but not attracted to guys. If we included others in our play he would suck and take a real cock in his arse but we stay monogamous so pegging and dildos are his way of exploring.


Exactly my feelings and our situation.

I’ve probably never said this to anyone on here before but I have to admit I do have thoughts of having fun with a guy, even though I think of myself as being straight and being extremely attracted to women, there’s a part of me that wonders.

How far would i go…. I’ll probably at least try anything once and if I don’t like it then at least I’ll know.

Having a few dildos in my drawer and like to have a good old suck every now and then I’d probably give the real thing a go. Receiving a handjob I wouldn’t say no to either.

I don’t know weather it’s because Iv never had a sexual relationship or never really been felt by a woman in a sexual way that makes me think about exploring other things with the same sex, who knows.

If I met the right person I like to think I’d go all the way, and let them penetrate me eventually. Would have to be a very special person though of course. Would almost certainly give a blow job, if I felt comfortable with the person (wouldn’t need to be the special person either…)

Very interesting topic. While straight, in a MFM threesome, there can be lots of M to M contact, intentional or accidental. I do enjoy lubing, stroking and inserting our male friend’s superior penis into my wife. I have enjoyed licking her clean after his climax while he is kissing her - she loves the double attention. Very soon I will provide the same to his used dick. Would NEVER do this with just he and I, but the rules are different when its all about her!


In another lifetime when not married I’d go all in but with a trans girl…guys do nothing for me but trans girls are the best of both worlds, feminine with a cock! I’d be open to oral both ways and anal too, don’t think it’ll ever happen though.


Love to have the chance to try and experience

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We have discussed this question quite often as its my dream to watch another man with my OH… she has asked how far i would go if he wanted to play withe too… my answer has always been the same - i would touch or lick and allow the same - but draw the line at penetration… even though we enjoy pegging and anal play in our own relationship

Great question! Despite considering myself to be straight there is still the try everything once part of me that wants to do it. I’d love to just have the opportunity to be with a guy and see how far I let myself go. Had a fantasy of just starting with a massage and seeing what happens.
Always think a 69 would be great. That would probably be as far as I go but I’m a different beast when I’m horny so nothing would overly surprise me!


The more I’m exploring my own body the more curious I’m becoming about the same sex. I’m a ‘gotta try it once’ kind of person, though I might need to be blindfolded to start with if it ever got that far