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Hi my partner and I have been swinging for a while and he loves my bi side . Is it wrong for a man to want to suck cock it really turns me on the thought of it and him but we haven't done it yet . What do you all think x

Everyone has different kinks and fantasies. As long as you both agree, and explore together, you should do what you want. I would say it's relatively normal. Some people do develop a curiosity for experimentation with a same sex partner. Sometimes it just just a fantasy, sometimes it's more. But as long as you are both open.. enjoy!

That's what we thought but some people seem to think it is really wrong yet bi women is hot and want to see it x

Well you shouldn't worry about what other people think. As long as everyone consents, it should be nobody elses business!

Are you a bi man x

You don't have to really just looked at your profile x

Go with whatever feels good! I'm a guy who considers myself completely straight when it comes to relationships, but I will happily have sex with a guy as it just sounds like to much fun. I don't think there's a problem with a guy who wants to suck some cock, whilst maintaining the idea that he's straight in terms of relationships - 'bisexual' can be used, but it itself is a somewhat loaded word.

Sex is supposed to be fun, and I think there's a lot lost when we start worrying about orientation and all that too much - just go with whatever works for you and whatever sounds fun!

There is always someone somewhere that will tell you whatever you are doing is wrong. Seriously, it can be parenting, relationships, what you do for work, right down to the little things...there will ALWAYS be someone to turn their nose up at you, or look down their nose at you because they don't agree with how you do things or how you think. You cannot please everybody and you'd be wasting your own energy to even try.

I understand what you are trying to say, which is that society deem it more acceptable to be bisexual if you are female - that's hot! However a male admitting to bisexuality is more likely to be judged by peers in a negative way. The simple fact is that those people who judge do so out of their own fear and insecurity. There are societal "norms" but no one is such thing lol, so we all struggle with these fears and insecurities. I mean, this scenario is similar to the scenario that says men who sleep around are to be admired where as women who do it are sluts.

I say screw all that crap and live your life in the way that pleases you. You only get one life after all. As long as you are not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal or dangerous...go for it!

The best thing to do is not view your sexuality as a label. Labels comes with all these pre requisites and there are a hell of a lot of people who don't fit into any particular label. These people agonise over it. For examle, sitting worrying that they are not completely straight because they want to suck a mans cock, but they only really want to be in relationships with women so are they straight, bi, what? They cannot squeeze themselves into those pre-set labels and they feel confused. Bin the labels and suddenly that doesn't matter. You are just you. In all your unique thoughts and feelings.

Then just follow your own instincts and drop anyone who thinks it is okay to judge you, or doesnt love you for who you are.

Thanks for all the advice. we just need to find a bi couple now x

i've always been a straight man and have wanted to suck a cock for about 10 years. mrs jj is not into swinging or threesomes so it's not likely to happen for me.

good luck in achieving your goal. you're certainly not alone. most sensible people now realise that sexuality is fluid and variety is accepted and normal. go for it. be who you want to be.

DavidB1986 wrote:

Well you shouldn't worry about what other people think. As long as everyone consents, it should be nobody elses business!

This is nail on the head moment right here

From my experience as a bisexual woman, we get it a lot tougher than you think! Not everyone considers it 'hot' and a lot of the time, I just get accused of faking it for attention or just being greedy or haven't decided on my 'real sexuality' yet.

But yeah, there's nothing wrong with wanting a bit of both. Lots of straight men even have fantasies of performing oral on another man!

We can't wait to try sucking it together would be hot x

As others have said, if it is enjoyable and everyone is happy with it, go for it!

Similar to JackJohn, one of my biggest fantasies is to have a 3-some (or an orgy!) where I can have sex with and fool around with a male and female, bisexual doesn't begin to describe my sex life, but it's good enough to just explain the very basics! Sadly my wife has no interest in swinging/group sex so that fantasy will remain just that... rather frustrating since she admitted to me many years ago that she fantasised about a 3some with another female, but wouldn't be comfortable having sex with another person while being married.

hornyandkinky wrote:

Hi my partner and I have been swinging for a while and he loves my bi side . Is it wrong for a man to want to suck cock it really turns me on the thought of it and him but we haven't done it yet . What do you all think x

It's not wrong at all!

Men are a lot more fun to be with sexually, I find, because they know exactly what to do to give another man pleasure. Women I find are generally quite...clueless in that department (sorry ladies!).

Hell, I feel awful typing that now but I do find it to be true. Not that I'm saying women should be able to do it any better. I mean, it stands to reason a man knows a man's body better than a woman does.

I hope that doesn't come across as sexist. It really is only based on my own personal but very definite experiences.

So what's it like sucking a cock being a man can't wait to try it x

The best thing I can say is, think of how great your own cock feels in your hands when you play with it...but of course doing it DIY is a little restrictive because it's attached to your own body and there's only so much you can do!

All of a sudden with another guy you are unrestricted, you can get at it from any angle with your hands, mouth, feet, anything you's a whole new playground to explore and when you do the things that make him gasp, it'll make you smile because you have a good idea yourself exactly what it feels like for him :)


It's almost making me want to do it again myself! Almost. Not quite.

Sounds like we will really enjoy it x

Im a bi guy and proud of my sexuality!

You both do what you feel is right, on the plus side having fun with a person of the same gender is generally more fun as they know exactly what it feels like to do certain things unlike when you have fun with the opposite sex.

Just explore and have fun :)

It's always refreshing to see such open attitudes towards sex! It's one of the reasons why I keep coming back to the forum - no hang ups or judgemental remarks - it's great!