Big or Small?

I've noticed that size A batteries, although they cost more, give much deeper vibrations than AA batteries - a bit like a car engine versus a moped. So why do most vibrators use size AA batteries instead of the bigger A size ones, or 9v batteries? Is it a technical limitation?

Cost of motors as far as i know.

Do you have a link to an "A" sized battery? Wikipedia dosn't seam to know! :)

Whoops. I mean size C!
I wonder if there ever was a size A?

Hmm, I would imagine as AA batteries are smaller, they cost less to build a motor/casing to house them... plus they are readily available form most newsagents/garages/electrical shops, and sometimes it's harder to get C batteries... not sure some of the small vibes would have the same charm with a couple of C batteries powering them!

A C would be overkill for some vibes wouldn't it? And like the rabbit taking 3 AA's, couldn't just use one c cos it wouldn't be strong enough, but 2 C's would be too much.

Funny enough I have found a vibe taking a single AAA batter was far more powerful than one taking 3x C size batteries, or even 2. I don't think the battery size has anything to do with power, more the effiency and power of the motor itself :-)

i really dont like vibes that take C batteries, they also seem really hard and clunky! much prefer the little babier vibes anyway!

So why do they make you pay more for the C battery if it's less efficient?

Why the heck did they make multiple battery sizes? That was just stupid.

AAA, AA, C and D batteries all push out 1.5V. But the smaller ones will drop the current quicker (ignoring the differences in what they're made from), or just have less umph. So in theory you can use AAA batteries in a device that needs D, it'll just die quicker.

That's why you can get handy little converters:

Sorry, the nerd in me needed to get that out. :)

I agree with wizadora, I dislike vibes which take C batteries. Especially since they tend to be housed at the end of some huge curly wire, reminds me too much of mobile phones from the early 80's

haha woodworker! that has given me an awesome mental image! rofl!

well out of my demo vibes, the N batteries die first, then AAA then AA then C...don't know if im actually making a contribution but im so pissed that my batteries in my igasm died mid-demo tonight and i had to pinch them out of my ultra 10 to continue boasting about its luscious pulsations!

I'd like to argue that rechargeable ones are the best, because you keep em charged so you never have the losing power moment!

Do you not find that rechargable batteries are less powerful, and last less time each time they're recharged though? Is that just me, am I doing something wrong with mine haha?!

^^^ Rechargeable batteries run at 1.2 volts whilst throw-away ones run at 1.5 so a vibrator will be less intense if you switch to rechargeables. Unless it was designed to use them in the first place which would actually save us punters a shed load of cash... (hint to Lovehoney)


hmmm perhaps you should suggest it to the sex toy manufacturers BBG! you never know!

hahah wouldn't surprise me :p tho personally i'd prefer to be a sex toy designer or tester :)

Or maybe I'm just a geek on the sly...