Bigger = longer sex?

Anyone found guys with bigger cocks last longer in bed? I only experienced my first big one recently (actually had my first orgasm on it) but I'm not sure if it was the size or just the fact the guy was able to give it to me for 10-15 minutes without stopping with powerful thrusting.

Apparently bigger men will last longer & need to give harder sex to ejaculate as the nerve endings in the penis aren't as close compared to guys who are small which will make them more sensitive and likely to cum quicker. Be good to hear a general consensus!

I don’t think size has anything to do with it. Just depends on the stamina of the person and how sensitive they are. It also makes a difference how often they masturbate.

No I think it’s due to stamina, age, how sexually active they are. Our sex life was pretty much no existent, so when we did have sex it was over in 2 minutes flat. However now we’re sexually active most days now, he can easily last much longer and now he hits the spot. Different positions help too. I find cowgirl the best. Also we sometimes put a pillow under is bum and it gives a deeper, fuller feeling.

Nope. Penis size has no correlation to stamina. 

As JT2OU says, it's more to do with health, age, sexual activity etc. 

Having said that, a guy with a healthy heart and good blood pressure is likely to achieve a harder erection AND have better stamina, but that is to do with heart health, not penis size. 

Orgasms are also down to the atmosphere and connection with the person, so your more likely to get to O town quicker with someone you find more attractive.

As others have said it’s a mix of age, sexual activity, stamina etc and penis size doesn’t account for lasting longer. Some people may prefer them but it’s all down to sexual preference. From a male perspective I have found it depends on the mood as I said above, if my partner ticks a lot of boxes I can blow a gasket in less than 3-4 minutes but if we’re just fooling around and having fun it can last until i feel ready. So I don’t believe size will make any difference to how long someone will last.