Birthday Present For Boyfriend?

Right! I'm looking at getting my boyfriend something from lovehoney for his birthday, something interesting/novel and not too expensive, I've already spent a load on him already :P

Anybody got any ideas? He's not very good with explaining what he likes, he never seems to know/doesn't have any particular sexual interests specifically. So just anything interesting I could give him to try out etc..

porn? easy enough if you know what floats his boat and it can be fun for you too, so more of a couples thing than some toys.

Oh... I like this happycamper

very good suggestion, think I will buy this for my boyfriends birthday!

i always struggle too..its so much harder to buy sexy presents for a boyfriend than it is the other way round but those are some great suggestions :d it might be a naughty xmas this year ;)

as a guy i would suggest maybe a night of fun which could also work in your favour! buy a new toy or some underwear for yourself, even one of them games people have already suggested and bring out your real bad side for a nite its a way of showing him what he has and that he doesnt need anymore presents! lol :)
i would personally prefer my partner to do that than anything else.

Ohh, if only I knew what floated his boat. Nothing does, apparently. It used to be me, but hey-ho that's disappeared over the past week. OOH! Idea! I could make a porn vid, featuring moi..

I don't think he'd go for the masturbator things, unfortunately V.V He says while there are other things available (eg me) that he doesn't want to masturbate. -sigh-

The 52 weeks of naughty nights however, looks pretty good. I might get that and the booby cake pan, then I can decorate a booby shaped cake! Sounds fun.

Thanks all.
C x

wow sounds like you need to inject your boy friend with some passion :S...maybe he needs you to help find what does float his boat..
Have you been together long?? sorry for pokeing my nose in but he seems a little shy maybe he has ideas but is worried about saying em?
Just a thought.

Hmm, maybe. He isn't all THAT shy when it comes to sex. He was the one that initiated it when we first started dating. After about 2 weeks O_O. Though I had known him 6 years, kinda.

We've been going out for about 5 months.

I've got some brilliant ideas for making our love life more passionate, but he's either too busy or too tired.

He seems to reject his emotions.. He gets angry if I ask how he's feeling.

Thats so sad.. I dont know his background so I wont pry, but he really needs to learn to feel the way he feels and talk about it... maybe he is doing that typical english stiff upper lip and doesnt want to be weak in anyway, My brother is just like this so much so he is unable to cry even if someone dies :S
I know from experience that there is no point telling him to be more open with the way he feels!

hopefully over time you will both open up together as its only been 5 months (Which is still pretty long!) but me and the missus have been together 3 3/4 years now and its only been the past year that weve been fully open and understanding. most people just need to adjust to someone in there lives and i hope he starts to see all this effort your putting in! :(

I dunno. I think it's just the way he is. I'm becoming more dominating (he can't be bothered to do things unless people REALLY instruct him) so maybe I'll get him to open up more that way. I'll just order him to tell me, or he'll get whipped.. :P

Yeah, I've tried to have various conversations with him about opening up, and I get confused with how he 'can't know what he's feeling' at the time.. We just end up arguing and he gets bitter and sometimes breaks it off for a while.

well i know this is hard to take on board but make sure his right for you! im not being nasty but it either seems like his hiding something or he cant be which can lead to lots of problems in relationships. arguing really isnt the best way to solve things, especially breaking it off! i feel kinda low knowing your trying so hard and yet his being so clamped up!and i guess if whipping is the only way then beat him hard hun lol >:) good luck