Birthday present tips

Hey gurus It’s my wife’s birthday next week and I’m looking for a vibrator. She’s not used her rabbit for a couple of years, so thought I’d get her a new toy to enjoy. She likes to feel ‘full’ so looking for something that will satisfy her and challenge her. Any tips...? 😊 thanks!

How about a wand? They have lots of fantastic reviews. I don’t have one personally so cannot vouch from first hand experience.

Hi Delightful87 You should get a wand highly recommend them #jack if your oh like power I would highly recommend a wand or the Mantric vibrator

I know it's not in the spirit of a surprise birthday present but it can actually be a lot of fun to browse the site and choose something together. If the rabbit hasn't had much of a look in for a couple of years it might be because it doesn't 'fit' quite right (rabbits are notoriously tricky to pair with personal anatomy as the shaft and rabbit section need to be just so). If you choose together it may spark both your imaginations and lead you somewhere neither of you would thought of on your own. 🙂

As for toy ideas Mrs Chimp loves a glass dildo (this beaded one in particular as it's rather girthy). You can also chill or warm them for a bit of temperature play, though it's not something we indulge in very often.

Beaded Glass Dildo (also comes in black)

She uses it alongside a good clit vibe to create her own deconstructed rabbit. That way she can get everything in place just the way she likes it.

The suction toys are a completely different sensation altogether. Every body is different so everyone can't like everything equally, but in our case the Womanizer blew Mrs Chimp's mind. 🙂

I hope these spark your imagination 🙂

I’d go for one of the womanisers with g spot if money were no object

Second Ian’s comment about the glass dildo it’s amazing, I felt sooo full it was great.