Bisexual girlfriends

What a wonderful thing it is to have a bisexual girlfriend!! A few weeks ago mine finally succeeded in seducing a friend of hers by taking her to a hotel for the night. They had lunch then she took her to their room where she undressed her and made love to her for the rest of the day. They had dinner and carried on through the night. She was one very happy bunny the next day. Maybe I'll get to join in one day although the other girl is petrified of being found out so I think it's unlikely. Shame really.
Any others of you had similar experiences?

Not all boyfriends are so happy to share. Mine has loved watching me kiss other girls in front of him and put on a raunchy little show but then later usually gets agro - probably because he couldn't join it and then take it to the him shagging the other woman stage.

And so despite offers for some girly action I must decline as I don't have permission - in fact an adamant no I will dump you if you try it - and I will not lie and cheat.

I am a bi girlfriend and my partner thinks its great. I've kissed a few girls in front of him and it definitely turns him on even if he doesn't get to join in (although that would be the ultimate fantasy for both of us). The problem is that I find it really hard to meet and hook up with girls and I get quite shy. They also seem to think I wouldn't be interested because I have a boyfriend. Does anyone have any tips on how to pull girls?

Hi all..Newbie to this but not to bisex....howto pull gals..go to a fetish club..Club Rub at Dukes in London is ideal...we have been going for years..not for the flogging or nippple clamps in the dungeon (we both hate pain!) but for the sexy edgy atmosphere, gr8 music, dancing and lots of bi girly girls for me to kiss and later...Husband loves to watch..(I bet he does - comes the chorus from the stands!)

Actually funnily enough, Club Rub is the last place I DID snog a girl. I'm 25 and she was the most gorgeous 42 year old dressed in a maid's outfit! I'm not really into the fetish scence, but I do own a pair of leather trousers and enjoyed watching the people plus a couple having sex at the bar which was a bonus 'show'. I've recently responded to an ad on the Gumtree website and am busy flirting (ok, a bit more than flirting) with an 18 year old schoolgirl - talk about the other end of the spectrum! I'll let you know how it turns out...

i find the best way to pick up a girl is to just wait she does come along and when you look that little bit longer they do more than not come over and ask you the bi question. happy hunting love julie xxxx if not give me a call ill help out.

everyone is different, i am a bi gf and my man has made it perfectly clear that kissing onwards with anybody of either sex is out of the question, but i'm happy with that

yeah well when my fiancee found out i was bi he found it a real turn on but it boils down to the fact that he wants to join in if i have another women but it's not always that simple other women want to meet women have some fun then decide weather or not to have the bf join in

im married,but im curious about being with a girl.

ther's nowt rong with being curious. have you talked to your hubby about this? cos at some stage he will whant to know. have you found some one that you whant to be curious with? and r there kids to think of.

lisa1984 - yeah, i understand exactly where your coming from, i don't want to treat another woman like a sex toy, i'm happy with my current partner, who happens to be a man, which is kinda awesome because i love him for who he is and not for his sex/gender

I'm married (17 years) and bisexual, my husband is very understanding and happy for me to meet other bi girls on my own. He never asks to watch or join in.

And a blast from the past for you too Ducky !!


Mrs Duck is deffo a closet bisexual, she will only watch girl porn (won't entertain hetro porn), really gets turned on by sexy ladies she meets & often points out ladies she likes for me. All her fantasies are always two girls! She admits she'd love a girly fling but that she is no way brave enough to give it a whirl. I'd like to think I'd be cool with her trying it but who knows till you're there!

Mucky l think the last thing you would be would be cool ha ha..... but then you start to enter green eyed monster territory!! you pork sword who first, where and how vigourously, and woe betide you if the other party or indeed you seem to be enjoying it more than Mrs Duck!!

You have been warned.....


Thanks for the warning but I don't want to be there. I'd rather Mrs Duck try it on her terms!

ah now, my mr has a rule for me - if he can watch, i'm allowed.. how well this would work in practice i dont know, and i dont think i'll be trying it out any time soon tbh!

Mrs Duck want to try making love to another girl (if she ever gets the bottle), If I'm there it just won't be right... It would end up being a compromise for all & not what she wanted. Let her have her fun, hopefully she'll enjoy it. A threesome is another thing to be discussed at another time

Ahh this old chestnut, see theres a few things to remember -

It doesn't matter the sex, jealousy is still jealousy. If you can't stand the thought of your beloved with another man then its quite possible you might feel the same way about another woman.

A lot of men fall into the trap of thinking, oooh a bi-sexual girlfriend, WAYHEY! threesomes. and it's just almost always never like this.

For a lot of women the bi-sexual experience is something they want outside of any existing relationship they have so that they can explore their own sexuality.

Mucky Duck wrote:

Mrs Duck want to try making love to another girl (if she ever gets the bottle), If I'm there it just won't be right... It would end up being a compromise for all & not what she wanted. Let her have her fun, hopefully she'll enjoy it. A threesome is another thing to be discussed at another time

i'm lucky enough that i've dated (and just had sex with) women before getting together with Mr LF. I know I like it, but with either gender, we'd consider it cheating, and there's no way I'd do that so no lady love for me these days. (*sigh*)