do you swallow or spit? [my] oh loves to swallow. she doesn't like to make a mess she says.

Swallow definitely - love the taste ;)

caddytom, I am like your OH - prefer to swallow, so that there is no mess.

I like my OH to spit and get messy with it.


Always swallow.

Snowballing and sharing is my favorite.

Swallow 100% its less messy and I have to much of a high gag reflex to wait spit it out plus hubby loves me to swallow x

Off topic to the question, but wife doesn't like giving bj's. Hates the taste of cum. Says the thought makes her stomach turn! Terrific! Are there any women here that were once like this but now love it? If so how did it change? There seems to be a lot of love of cum and swallowing here! Sounds great :)

Apparently there are certain foods you can eat to make cum taste more pleasing to the pallette. Have a look online for suggestions and smoothy recipes.

I always find a good strong flavoured lube helps. Also when I first started out giving bjs and swallowing - I wasn't keen on taste either and used to keep a glass of wine/juice handy near by to take the after taste away ad soon as he finished.

Thanks Sexkitten. So is it now that you like taste of cum?

These things help - def recommend them. I used to hate the taste of cum but I think through time and a bit of mental training you can get over it. I personally don't mind au natural cum now. That's years down the line now and a lot of doing it and getting used to it though.

Hmmm. Sounds like it is going to take a lot of work. Particularly as I'm not the one giving it. But well worth it. I am not too hopeful I have to admit.

Anybody else. All tips (scuse the pun) welcome.

I think my thoughts on it are skewed by a fantasy i have had for years, that the food my wife craves when she's pregnant is my cum. Ha. And she just sucks me dry daily because she can't get enough of it. Ha, thats embarrassing I just admitted that.

Alas, she craved Big Mac's! Oh well.

Need to get on the job and have another kid,
just to see if it's cum next time and not a popular fast food family restaurant.

There's a good book called "How to tickle his pickle" - don't know if you can still get it but it had a good section on how to give good oral to your man. I seem to remember it having suggestions for swallowing cum and how to cope better with it. Also had recipes in it for altering the taste of cum. May be worth looking for.

We have that book! Wife literally tried to throw it out yesterday when we were going through the sex box as we call it, getting rid of old toys. I'll get her to read it.


Oh fab. Glad I could help.


We share :)

Yep. It's great. Really is.

I dont like either I love sucking him off but I love it more when he either finishes in me or all over my boobs and lick it off them