Black Friday or Discount code (2014)

I know I'm not the only one who has been debating this, I got a discount code earlier this week (and the same one again today.... expires tonight) so I'm not sure whether to buy my stuff now or wait until black friday hoping for a better deal, what do you reckon? is black friday usually good? is it normally a money off code or just specific products?

It's usually specific products, but it could be changed.

I'm using the code and chancing Black Friday. If it's a product chances are I'll probably have it if I wanted it that bad. If there's something I do really want I'll just have to spend more money haha!

See, I'd love to spend money for both but I just don't have the money to do it lol, If i get stuff today it'll probably equal £100, then to spend another £50+ on Friday I don't think I could do it, but a few months back I got a 30% code (first time ever) and I didn't use it so I don't know if they might send out another one on Friday, then I'd save more money.... I'm really stuck lol and I'm not really the type to order something then send it back and buy it again thats just really annoying lol, I wish they would give us a hint lol

Plus, EVERYTIME I buy something a better deal has come out the next day lol

I'm waiting for Black Friday, I can't justify spending money so will only cave if one of the toys I really want but can't afford is on a mega discount

Maybe just don't spend as much and just get things thay you really could do with using the discount with at the minute? Like most Lovehoney branded toys or lingerie will be on sale or on deal of the day at some point. What are you planning on buying?

I used the 25% off but only spent £30ish as I can wait for my doxy!
Hopefully there will be something nice on black Friday, if not I'm sure another discount code will be along sooner or later

3 for £75 things: the new black wand, love egg and the rechargable gspot vibe. One of the Adam's 8inch dildos, some little things from the 3 for £10 and debating on one of those inflatable seats with the dildo attatched, I would have pasted links but I still haven't worked out how to copy and paste ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)

I'm waiting for Black Friday

Lovehoney has a black Friday?

I would just get the 3 for £75 for now because the items in that can change quite often. Even if friday isnt a discount code, you get 25% off codes every couple of months so you can get the other items then. You don't want to buy too much, because you'll end up like me and struggle to find something to buy next time :P


Whooooooo sounds good! How the hell did I miss it last year? 😝

So you reckon just buy the 3 for 75 for now? Think I might just do that

Lollipop ;) wrote:

Whooooooo sounds good! How the hell did I miss it last year? 😝

You didn't. Lovehoney didn't do anything for Black Friday last year. It's more of an American thing, I'm not holding my breath for any great UK deals tbh.

Ah right I did think it was more of an American thing PPD but more and more pleces here seem to be doing to.

LH did something back in 2010 for def (thanks google!) so you never know, if not people who didn't use their 25% will be disappointed!

Cazz has confirmed they're doing it, and another sex toy retailer are too. I knew LHUK did it at some point, I thought it was last year :/

Doing what though? lol a code or specific things? lol

Probably specific things I would think. Just placed a little tiny order :)