Blended orgasms

Blended orgasms are the best I’m only used to coming by clitoral stimulation but since I have the glass toy I have these intense orgasms that I’ve never experienced before. Using the rose on you’re clit and the glass toy on you’re g spot is the best combination I’ve ever tried, makes me squirt every time. If you’re feeling extra naughty add a vibrating butt plug you honestly don’t have no idea where you’re coming from.


Mrstoysrus loves a clit toy while I’m inside her and playing with her ass too, can cause some immense orgasms with huge squirts


I must try this with my wife, it sounds amazing. She has been mostly a clitoral stimulator orgasm girl, but we recently explored her g-spot and she loved it. She definitely need more time to prepare her mind and body for a g-spot orgasm, which is why we aren’t able to do very frequently. I bought her the rose a while back, she hasn’t tried it and just got the glass wand recently, hasn’t tried that yet either! I’m not sure why she’s hesitant about trying them, I just want her to have the best orgasms she can possibly have!

You got a link for this toy? I love a clit and g spot vibrator.

Has she tried them solo?

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You can have both with the rose :grin:

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Mmmhmm. I… umm… “spoilt” myself on Saturday night - I had the bed to myself so I figured “why not?”. I only used my fingers on my clit and my new Icicles No 7 Sapphire Spiral dildo inside me, but boy oh boy did I make a mess :blush:


I don’t think so. I have bought her many different kinds, a whole drawer full. I’ve tried incorporating them into our sessions, but she’s almost put off by them. There has been a couple rare occasions she wore an investable egg while pegging me. She didn’t say she enjoyed it but the look on her face said otherwise. She used a dildo one time in front of me and she definitely enjoyed it but won’t ever bring it up again. It’s almost like she’s embarrassed to enjoy them. I’ve asked and she says she doesn’t use them solo either.

Think there is still a stigma about sex toys out there so that might have something to do with it? Hope she opens up to the idea of them as you can have so much fun with them!

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I’m lucky (and her obviously!) that my wife does cum through penetration alone, so I do encourage her not be be shy about playing with her clit too to try for a blended orgasm.

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