blind fold and what else?

I'm planning on blind folding/tying up my girlfriend and using some kind of sex toy while she cant see (heightens the other senses i believe) so first what blindfold/tying up device do you recommend? i would prefer these to not be too expensive. and then what sex toy would you recommend for when she is blindfolded? and what would the women prefer a man to do while she is blindfolded?

any help appreciated :)

I recommend this blindfold and these wrist restraints

a toy I'd recommend is anything that provides clitoral stimulation and there are plenty of them available or possibly a wand? Can get a mini one if that's more in your price range :)

thanks for the ideas :)

any strong recommendation for the clitoral stimulation? what has good reviews?

Ohhhhh the possibilities are endless lol! You could go for something satin or silk, there's loads of really good priced restraint on here depending on what you're fantasy is (could even be the belt off a dressing gown) You need to find out what the fantasy is is it you completely ravishing her body while she's tied up or does she want to be dominated? I absolutely love glass toys because of the firmness & smoothness of them, also you can either warm them up in water or cool them for 10 mins in the fridge, I like mine to be cold & put all over my body before its inserted also a bullet could be a good option for clitoral stimulation, tease her to the point of coming then stop it will drive her wild lol! Hope this helps :-)

+1 to the Tease blindfold, the wire inside means it will actually be light proof/she can't see what you are doing.

Have you guys ever done this type of play before? Have you ever used a sex toy? It might be too much to jump in all at once if you haven't done either before. A good way to start out is by blindfolding and restraining her then give her an all over massage. This will both relax her and provide amazing stimulation. Your touch will feel amplified to her, so no need to use the sex toy right away in order to have her enjoy the experience. This is also a good way to build trust, especially if you plan to go down the sub/dom route.

You can see the range of clitoral vibrators available here, you can sort by rating and check out the reviews of any that take your fancy:

You'll see the We-vibe Tango and other rechargeable vibes reccomended a lot, but they're both expensive and very powerful (especially the Tango). If this is her first toy, I'd go for something more gentle. This toy is non intimidating both in appearence and noise level, and the power level ranges from gentle flutters to strong (but not too strong):

OH loves to be blindfolded and teased. A basic bullet would do, there's lots of teasing to be done before it comes to the main event, use fingers, silk scarves, ice cubes, a hairbrush, just build the tension over time.... Have fun.

Mirror much of what others have said, don't overlook temperature play too thiugh, a little warming oil, ice and perhaps hot wax if all that goes to plan ... - might be an option

Something remote control perhaps so can control from a distance or perhaps when stiulating elsewhere too

All good fun ... hope you both enjoy

In terms of clitoral stimulation my wife fav one is this one. She has had more expensive one's before but we had this one as free gift but this one is her favourite.

But first time I would try a massage, kissing maybe some feathers to tickle and tease with.