Blindfold recommendations?

I am looking for a blindfold which does a decent job of blocking out light as I will be using it for sleeping but will also stay on throughout my tossing and turning and won't cause too much discomfort.

I have a soft one with a nose bridge from Lovehoney but the plastic adjusters on the straps snapped after one use. I also tried the pocket pinky one and found it too be too tight and I didn't like the material. I have a velvetty blindfold from a beginners bondage kit but it's one that you tie yourself, which leaves me with a big knot to try and sleep on.

My eye is currently drawn to this one Anyone ever tried it?

I like the look of the Lelo one as well but it's way too expensive for me and I read a review on another site which said it was very tight and headache-inducing.

I have LH's own purple satin scarf-style blindfold and really like it. The ties are long enough that the knot can be positioned wherever I want.

The one you picked out looks like quite good for elastic band styles. Others would be better to assess that, I gave up trying to find a comfortable elastic band style when I got the scarf style above.

Thank you both for such helpful responses!

Avrielle, that second link you posted has the same plastic adjusters that one of my blindfolds has and broke pretty much on first use. It's a shame really, the blindfold itself is quite comfortable and doesn't let very much light in at all. I tried putting knots in the elastic straps but it still slips off while I'm sleeping.

Rose, it didn't occur to me to tie the knot on the side of my head! lol I just need to find a blindfold with long enough straps that I can double-knot it so it stays securely fastened.

I have this one: and it works really well for me. Not too tight, but it stays on, and I pretty much flail in bed.

I have tried this one

And this:

Also, a spartacus leather blindfold with thick elastic and faux fur, it is not only very comfortable but also effective.

Good luck