Bliss Balm

Bought the bliss orgasm balm for me and my partner to use. only one question. Is it condom safe? I know i dont have to use much and its external use but using lubes with condoms can be a bad idea if there not the right ones. any thoughts?

If it doesn't specify ( which it doesn't in this case) I would err on the side of caution and assume it's not condom safe. I notice quite a few of the other balms state that they are either not condom safe or they just don't mention it all in the product info.

Not a lot of help I know and although I've used balms I don't use condoms so it's never been an issue for me but I can understand your concern though.

Hi Andrew1994

This is totally our mistake - the description should say whether a balm is condom safe or not. I've now updated in the info online to cover this. 

This balm is not suitable for use with latex condoms due to its high oil content. 

In future, if in doubt, check the ingredients of the balm or lube you're using. If it contains any oils, it's best not to use it with a latex condom (though they're fine with non-latex condoms).

Water and silicone based lubes are perfectly safe with latex condoms. 

Hope that helps!