Bliss orgasm balm question


My wife love the Bliss orgasm balm, the only thing is it doesn't last long enough when we go out, is there the same kind of thing (or better) that lasts longer?


Mrs Chimp has never worn balm out and about, but could it not be reapplied mid-evening? The Desire one comes in a massive tub so you'd have to decant that into a lip salve type tin, but I think the Bliss one is small enough to slip in a handbag?

I think it is meant to be reapplied. It is often activated by breath / touch / open air. If it worked for a long time it could get quite irritating! I think it is one of those 'great in the moment' things.

Maybe a pearl thong or knicker might be an alternative

Hi All

Thanks for the helpful answers, especially the "quite irritating" one, that's a very good point.


I seond pear knickers. If not you could look at menthol type balms these should have the same results.