Blue pills


I have decided to try some "Blue Pills",

Just one thing, will i stay hard after i cum or is there a slight recovery period and how long could i expect to "Stay hard"

Thanks in advance

You should not expect to stay hard after orgasm any more than you currently do, although some studies into the famous blue pill suggest that the recovery (refractory) period may be shortened.

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we havent had any differnence in the staying hard after orgasm thing it usually means he goes floppy but gets horny quickly again.

so basically +1 on what smurf said

Everybody is different so you'd have to try it and see how it works with your body!

Oh I read I think that you can stay hard after sex and orgasm and are able to orgasm again pretty quickly after! Maybe I'm worng! You'll have to let us know! :)

Are the ones any good that you get from pub vending machines?

nodrog wrote:

Are the ones any good that you get from pub vending machines?

Have tried these but did nothing for me. Basically full of caffeine and " herbal supplement ". Have never tried the blue pill but had Cialis which stays in the system longer.

Try the Lloyds Pharmacy online doctor service. That way you know you are getting something legit. It's very straightforward. You answer some questions online and assuming there are no contr-indications - eg high blood pressure - the drug is prescribed and you can pick it up at your local Lloyds pharmacy.

Doesn't make me stay hard but get terrible nasal congestion the next day. Not that I need them but have dabbled ;-)

How odd!

I was prescribed them during a depression episode but I still regularly buy them from Lloyds Pharmacy as mentioned above. It works out at about £4.25 a tab.

I also found I get nasal congestion as well as a red face and lips.

Results are variable for me but I do find that the next morning can be quite interesting, especially when Mr Happy popped up whilst walking around a French Supermarket earlier this year.

I also managed to perform 5 times in one night over Valentines weekend in Brighton this year. I'm normally a definiite once a night man so don't know what happened there. The OH wasn't complaining though.

Most times I don't need it now but I like to have insurance when away for a night or on holiday.

i have found i can get harder quicker after i cum and can cum more often.

steevo68 wrote:

Doesn't make me stay hard but get terrible nasal congestion the next day. Not that I need them but have dabbled ;-)

If you're buying online, I would suggest Dr Fox or Oxford Pharmacy. I've used them both as number of times and they're very good & significanty cheaper than Lloyds.

Wrt your question, you'll probasbly get a harder erection and it'll take a little longer to subside after you've cum. That's my experience anyway

I have a question regarding strengths - is 25mg Viagra enough? They also do 50mg or 100mg tabs.

It's just for a bit of fun, rather than an ED problem, so 25mg should be OK, right?


If it's for fun the 25mg should be plenty. I think it is cheaper to buy the 100 or 50s though and split them.

More fun for the money ;-)

wish i could buy some safe Viagra from?

Wow, thumbs up for Oxford Pharmacy mentioned by goldenoldie above.

32 100mg tabs for £64.99 (including private presciption). I think I paid that for 16 50mg from Lloyds.

My husband recently purchased Viagra in a pharmacy during a business trip in Egypt (just for fun, never tried them before), where prescriptions are not required. He paid 52 Egyptian Pounds (about 6,50 euros - around £4,70) for a box of 4 pills of 100mg.