Body Hair

It's all in the title. What do people find sexy hair wise in the sex they are attracted to? I mean hair on chests, hair on backs, pubic hair, bum hair, armpits whatever.
If it's hair it goes in here.

Myself, I prefer my women to have shaved armpits and legs. I don't mind the downy fluff which covers girls bodies. And I don't mind if she doesn't shave her crotch. But it's better if she does.

Is waxing your back acceptable? I'm a hairy man, thankfully being blonde it's quite light, but it's spreading on my back and getting darker.
Maybe invest in some waxing strips, get the gf to wax me.

It's dark and hariy on my shoulders. And I come from a long line of hairy men.
When older it'll be like a naked jumper.

There's no need to put your foot in there, I'm not offended. There does seem to be a general consensus though that body hair on men is unattractive. I've often contemplated getting it all waxed off, but the gf quite likes it so I've left it on.

I think there's a limit. You, I'll assume, like chocolate? You like to eat it on occasion, but could you live day in day out eating a kilo a day.

That's what my hair will end up as. I don't mean she'll be eating it, but I'll end up a hairy monster. Unlovable apart from by furries who think I'm in a costume.

Noooooo! GrayMatter don't get rid of your body hair! There's nothing sexier than a man who likes like he was once related to a gorilla! My bloke has full on chest hair and back hair and I absolutly love it. Though weirdly, he doesn't have much bum hair, which is great because I don't like that as much...

On me, I think shaved pits and legs are better (but in winter who can be arsed? lol) and a lil bit of pubic hair- not too much to look unruly, but enough to not look like a 12 year old.

"Nothing sexier than a man that looks like he was once related to a gorilla" I'll need to remember that. It'd help if my body hair was a uniform colour. Some hair is dark and brown, some quite blonde, others in between.

And when I get the next tattoo I'll once again have a big bald patch as they'll need to shave the area first. And once again I'll look like a twat.

Does the hair grow back over the tattoo?

Yeah. Not as much though. Think I'll just get an entire back tattoo to thin it out a bit.

uff i love head hair but i hate facial hair! it gets up my nostrils when we're kissing! as for elsewhere, i dont really mind, as long as its not a rug :)

I like a bit of chest hair, just think it's more masculine. Not keen on back hair though my ex had loads of it and it didn't bother me that much. Hairy arses are a bit minging though as I like to grab arses when in missionary...

Not keen on facial hair cos it itches when you're snogging!! Head hair, I'm not bothered on style or anything, but I'm not keen on skinheads... blokes have to have some hair to do it for me.

For me, I epilate my legs and shave my muff, keep the 'lips' smooth at all times and my the rest it varies on my mood, sometimes it's all off, sometimes it's short, sometimes it's a line down the middle etc...

I must admit I have been cultivating smooth balls and short pubic hair for a couple of years now, very sensetive, and makes your tackle nice & prominent. the mrs likes it.

She has gone for less and less down there as time goes on, and is completely smooth at the mo. I think it is a bit addictive, once you have been without it makes me feel a bit dirty & unkempt to go back to something more hairy.

From a mans perspective I think that regardless of whether you think women look better with or without pubic hair once you have been down on a smooth one there is no going back.

I think what you like changes with who you're with, really. When I was younger I swore the most disgusting thing in the world was a man with back hair, but then I went and fell for a guy who looked like he was wearing a perma-sweater. Next thing you know, I'm no longer bothered.

I do prefer too much hair than not enough on a man. Men who wax their chest creep me right out--chests should have some hair! If a man wants to wax his back, though, I'm fine with that...I just like to make sure I've still got the chest snuggly. :)

I'm not a fan of men shaving their fun zone, either. I always thought it made the testicles looks so sad and lonely. Like wee raisins left out in the cold. Who can be aroused when they're busy wondering if they should knit little caps for the little guys?

(and now we can start the clock for me to eat those words as soon as I fall for a guy who shaves down below...)

I'm just imagining the marketing for testical caps. They could have little bobbles and everything!

'Taken too much off? Ball looking like rasins left out in the cold? Try TESTICOVER (TM)- the totally manly bobbles for your bits!'.

I like men with a bit of hair, agree with Happycamper that back hair is not ideal so waxing is a good option! I like chest hair and my preference is for men to have hair down there as well personally but happy for him to have whatever he likes best.

Oooh cosmetics, might want to try "Nacker Lacquer" ... adds lustre to your cluster !!!!

Funny innit, Tallboy, the things that stick in your mind for ages! I distinctly remember hearing that 'knacker lacquer' one in 1956. I was doing National Service in Tripoli at the time ...

Not that old thanks, may have heard it from dad though did his National Service in Egypt!!! Funny thing though the memory!!!

Oops just noticed l have been promoted, thanks Orgasm Army. Was it the 500?

I got promoted too, i've been looking at other peoples profiles to see when the next leap is, I don't think I have to do too much to get there. I'll have to order some more stuff soon to review.